Developments in American and European art since 1950

YOU MUST SELECT THREE SOURCES AND WRITE THREE ANNOTATIONS:  3  Select One Art Review from a civic paper: Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle etc. You may analysis and baddest alternative newspapers.  Select One Art Review from an art magazine: Artforum, Art in America, Art Papers, Juxtapose, Flaunt, Sculpture etc. You may analysis and baddest alternative magazines.  Select One Art Review from an online or affairs antecedent (print or online: Huffpost, Temporary Art, New York Times Appearance Magazine, Vanity Fair etc. You may analysis and baddest alternative sources.  Follow Directions: How to Write an Annotated Bibliography  Sample Comment Lamott, Anne. Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Autograph and Life. Anchor Books, 1995. Lamott's book offers honest admonition on the attributes of a autograph life, complete with its insecurities and failures. Taking a amusing access to the realities of actuality a writer, the capacity in Lamott's book are wry and anecdotal and action admonition on aggregate from artifice development to jealousy, from perfectionism to disturbing with one's own centralized critic. In the process, Lamott includes autograph contest advised to be both advantageous and fun.  Lamott offers sane admonition for those disturbing with the anxieties of writing, but her capital activity seems to be alms the clairvoyant a absoluteness analysis apropos writing, publishing, and disturbing with one's own amiss altruism in the process. Rather than a applied handbook to bearing and/or publishing, this argument is basal because of its honest perspective, its common humor, and its auspicious approach.  Chapters in this argument could calmly be included in the chic for a autograph class. Several of the capacity in Part 1 abode the autograph action and would serve to accomplish altercation on students' own drafting and alteration processes. Some of the autograph contest would additionally be adapted for breeding classroom autograph exercises. Students should acquisition Lamott's appearance both agreeable and enjoyable. In the sample comment above, the biographer includes three paragraphs: a summary, an appraisal of the text, and a absorption on its account to his/her own research, respectively. 

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