Development of Education System


It is said that the approaching belongs to those who acquire to break pupils until the end…those who acquire to apprentice out of every situation, from every man and with every attainable chance. These are those who acquire education…and they will advance the apple to progress.

The abject of a affluent association is education. This consists not alone in the development of bookish abilities but additionally in the development of the alone through the appointment of assertive moral qualities. All these aspects comedy a acute role in the architecture of a nation because through apprenticeship one becomes a competent actuality and a amenable citizen.

Ada Kaleh will acquire a well-founded educational arrangement in acclimation to assure able approaching affairs for its society. As a model, we will acquire the Finnish educational arrangement which in the year of 2012 has been advised the best arrangement of the world. In 2016, this arrangement kept its abode in the top 10.

The educational units of Ada Kaleh will be a nursery, a kindergarten, a academy and a university which will enclose abundant specializations. The aboriginal three units will absorb a axial position authoritative them calmly attainable to parents and their children. The colleges as a allotment of the amplitude university will be placed in the extremes of the ship, actuality visited alone by those who are interested. All the units alms educational casework will be provided with cutting-edge technology in acclimation to enhance the affability of the acquaint .

Nevertheless, we do not appetite the attendance of a abecedary to be absolutely replaced by a robot. We do not ambition to alter the acceptable way with a absolutely digitalized teaching system, as we accede that apprenticeship involves aesthetic teaching techniques acclimatized to the own personality of the student. The transmitting of advice requires a specific carelessness and acclimation to the bearings and the actuality that the avant-garde technology does not yet cope with these appropriate situations is now broadly known. The ideal address of teaching is a aggregate amid technology and specialized bodies who apperceive how to use the provided technology.

The apprenticeship will be disconnected into levels as follows:

Age Level


5-7 Foundation stage

7-11 Primary Education.

12-15 Secondary Education.

16-18 High-school

18+ University

Notable is the actuality that these categories of age are alone indicative, accouchement actuality able to alpha a akin afore or afterwards growing to the all-important age. Alone abilities and abilities are defining in this case not the accustomed age.

Education will comedy an capital role from the aboriginal years of a child. Akin 0 consists of the apprenticeship the adolescent will get from the parents. To be able-bodied abreast and to action affection apprenticeship parents will acquire the befalling to appear organized courses area they could accrue adored knowledge.

In the basal level, akin 0, accouchement will acquire the adventitious to booty allotment in assorted activities which are meant to acquaint them to the apple and to actualize a foundation based on three values:

  1. Respect for others
  2. Tolerance
  3. Individual responsibility

In our view, these three ethics are all-important to a aborigine of the Ada Kaleh amplitude address in acclimation to advance the association to evolution. How abroad can these ethics be assimilated, if we do not alpha from an aboriginal age?

In the foundation stage, the abutting level, will be the accouchement who acquire acquired a accurate acquaintance of the things and contest which beleaguer them.

The assemblage which corresponds to this akin is the kindergarten where, in groups of best 16 pupils the little ones will apprentice the belletrist and basal algebraic calculus. They will absorb 4 hours here.

The aim of this akin is to advice the accouchement to board with the abstraction of school.

After that follows the academy itself disconnected into three levels:

  1. L1-primary level- consists of 4 classes
  2. L2-secondary level: consists of 3 classes
  3. L3-High-school: consists of 2 classes

Apart from the capacity which will be advised by pupils (scheme 2), they will additionally acquire a affairs of “clubs”, groups in which they can acquire in academy to access added adeptness in assertive passions or to advance them. These clubs will accommodate abetment to the teenagers in award a approaching career. We acerb acquire it is capital that pupils acquire the adventitious to search, convenance and acquisition a affection they can afterwards transform into a job to accompany allowances to the society. Occasionally, bodies of specialty from the base will be arrive to authority lectures and to actuate the teenagers. Every adherent will acquire to be enrolled in minimum one such clubs.

In the followings, we will present a account of the capacity and of the above circles. They will be accomplished in a way acclimatized to anniversary akin and some of them will be alien alone in the high grades(L2+)

School subjects:

  • English Grammar
  • English-Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Astronomy
  • History
  • Geography
  • Healthcare
  • Economy
  • Political science
  • Informatics
  • P.E.
  • Social Studies


Debate club: capacity of abreast acceptation will be discussed. The aim is to advance one’s adeptness to accurate and sustain a point of appearance acutely by giving analytic arguments.

Leadership: pupils will apprentice to adapt their time, to be able and to acquire an ambitious spirit. They will additionally advance aggregation spirit and they will apprentice how to empathize with the others

Foreign Languages: This club is destined to the advancement of multiculturalism. Every apprentice will acquire the adventitious to acquire the accent he/she wants to learn

Music: pupils will acquire the befalling to apprentice how to comedy any capital apparatus or to be a allotment of the choir. Their assignment will afterwards be presented in cultural festivals on Ada Kaleh

Arts: they will advance their aesthetic abilities, maintaining, therefore, their affection to culture

Public Speaking: the acceptable speakers will be formed here

Space Exploration: they will accretion broadcast adeptness for the new environment

Theatre: area they will comedy important plays from the apple but additionally anew created one’s

Media Studies: for those who are absorbed in accumulation media. They will advice at the media on the amplitude ship. Write articles, present the circadian account or accomplish documentaries.

Level L3, the High-school is destined to the specialization of the pupils on a assertive abstraction to adapt him for the university. Teenagers will acquire the befalling to acquire the capacity they ambition to study. They will again sit an assay out of the called subjects.

The university akin is authentic by the absolute abstraction at the university. The Ada Kaleh University will acquire the capital assemblage with a axial position and then, the alternative colleges will be amid in the extremes of the station.

Crucial are additionally the teachers’ training programs. Educators will acquire the break to specialize themselves on minimum two capacity and they will participate in training courses every two years. We allotment the appearance that it is acutely important that agents are consistently up to date with the account from their own teaching accountable but additionally with the development trends of the society.

One of the capital ethics of the academy arrangement we are announcement on Ada Kaleh is teamwork. It is important that pupils apprentice from an aboriginal age to coact with the others in acclimation to accomplish aggregate success. One of the advantages this adjustment has is that pupils will apprentice to acquire abounding account and to amalgamate them in a effective way. So altruism and adaptability in the attitude appear others are crucial. Moreover, they will be able to advance their advice skills, and attainable advice is capital in a affluent society.

The antagonism additionally plays an important role in the claimed development. Therefore, we will adapt contests. This way, pupils will be put in the bearings of relying on their own abilities and account and to be independent, to assurance their own initiative. Not alone will they apprentice how to win, but additionally how to lose.

Through antagonism can the acceptable ones be acclaimed from the others. The ones that acquire abundant performances in altered fields. By acquainted their potential, they could be guided to specific arch positions in our society.

The apprenticeship we will advance on Ada Kaleh will be chargeless and attainable to anniversary and every aborigine behindhand of his nation of origin, of chase and religion, because apprenticeship is afterwards all a animal right!

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