Development and Evaluation of a Computer-Based Learning

For Bass and Vaughan (1966), it is a "relatively abiding change in behavior that occurs as a aftereffect of convenance or experience," while managing acquirements and teaching Involves allowance others to enhance their knowledge, skills, abilities and compassionate of the apple about them. Consequently, accelerated abstruse and amusing change agency that how bodies apprentice becomes as Important as what they learn; indeed, alive area and how to acquisition answers is acceptable as important as alive what the answers are, if alone because the attributes of "truth" and what counts as ability des the clip of technology quickens. One important action of technology is in the acreage of education. Acquirements through the use of computer technology Is a charge In this era of innovation. Learners can calmly cope up with the ability and abilities all-important to become globally competitive. Computer- based training and ambit acquirements apprenticeship systems currently offered by some institutions somehow sustain the needs of learners who appetite to appoint themselves with specialized capacity and trainings at beneficiary ease. These are the affidavit why the advisers absitively to advance a arrangement able of accouterment the acquirements and appraisal on the acquirements capabilities of Bachelor to Science In Computer Science (BPCS) acceptance to Lip City Colleges, Philippines. This arrangement was additionally developed to appraise and actuate if the technology-based acquirements could advice in convalescent the acquirements capabilities of the students. Broodingly all the acquirements abstracts In the arrangement such as lectures, examinations and chic records, this arrangement development was activated and evaluated n agreement to its tintinnabulation, usability. Liability, achievement and extensibility. Tater the accomplishing of the arrangement It was assured that 1 The computer-based acquirements provides a bigger access for acquirements back the bookish achievement of the acceptance who acclimated the arrangement was bigger back it provides a added alternate and avant-garde adjustment of acquirements

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