Developing Technologies of Humility

  This week’s Critical Thinking appointment requires you to accept a technology with which you consistently interact. An archetype can be a wearable watch or a amusing media accumulation that you depend on to advice you administer aspects of circadian life. (You can use the aforementioned technology you acclimated for the Module 2 Critical Thinking appointment or a altered technology.) In a paper, analyze abeyant agency in which your called technology can be acclimated either as a agency of enabling accord or as a contributor to amusing justice, or both. Be abiding to accommodate detail and use examples to abutment your appraisal of the technology’s potential. Use the afterward as a guideline for your appraisal and abutment your assignment with specific examples from the argument or alternative research. Framing: Consider the botheration this technology was meant to address. Is it affected appropriately or are capital elements larboard out of consideration? How could the botheration be reframed to accommodate as abounding accordant elements as possible? Vulnerability: What factors accord to the vulnerability of assertive populations due to this technology? What besides bodies may be fabricated accessible by this technology? Distribution: What structures—social, institutional or physical—would you advance putting in abode for analytical the distributive after-effects of this technology? Learning: Describe any acquaint that you anticipate are to be abstruse from the accepted use of this technology. Are there barriers to this acquirements actuality conveyed to accommodation makers? Your cardboard should be able-bodied accounting and accommodated the afterward requirements: Be two to three pages in length. Include at atomic three references from the readings or alfresco sources. The CSU-Global Library is a acceptable abode to acquisition your sources. Follow the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site..

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