Developing IT Compliance Program

  Group Assignment 1: Developing IT Acquiescence Program  The IT acquiescence affairs cannot be conceived in abreast and bare of the key links to non-IT and banking compliance. Effective IT acquiescence requires an accumulated eyes and architectonics to accomplish acquiescence that goes above acceptable beguiled with a accustomed ascendancy framework.  As a group, accommodate a abundant plan of activity based on activity aeon concepts to advance and arrange an advancing IT acquiescence process. Your plan should accommodate applied ability on what you should accede back developing and implementing an IT acquiescence affairs for key regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, PCI and others to accomplish allusive IT governance.  Your plan should accommodate the following:   Discuss the challenges IT capacity face in accomplishing authoritative compliance   Assess how IT babyminding will advance the capability of the IT Division to attain authoritative compliance   Advance a ample vision, an architecture, and a abundant plan of activity that follows a activity aeon concept   Assess all key business processes and IT acquiescence factors and articulation to all business processes (financial and non-IT) to advance an accumulated eyes of IT compliance   Your abundant plan should accommodate the afterward phases: initiate, plan, advance and implement. 

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