Developing An Effective Management And Leadership Commerce Essay

Leadership and administration efforts are acute to the development of business strategies of companies. Basically, a lot of companies angry to defalcation not alone because of the ecology factors but because they alone administration and administration efforts (Hormozi, Hostetler, & Middleton, 2003). With this, OSIM was called due to the abiding advance of the aggregation from apprehensive ancestry as a kitchen apparatus trading aggregation to its all-around footprint-having a advanced point of sales arrangement (OSIM Ltd., 2011). This fabricated the aggregation an agitative and absorbing case study. Furthermore, in appearance of the accepted bread-and-butter altitude breadth businesses are declining and breadth competitors are aggressive, it is important to accept from the business trend whether OSIM is able to accommodated to the approaching challenges. As the industry expects added antagonism and the admission of added players, it would be absorbing to see how able-bodied able the aggregation is both financially and strategically to reinforce its all-around attendance and abide to be the bazaar baton in this industry.

Corporate Profile, Mission, Eyes and Goals of OSIM [1] 

OSIM All-embracing Ltd was believed a all-around baton in advantageous affairs products. The aggregation was originally founded by Ron Sim in Singapore in 1980 (OSIM Ltd., 2011). During that time OSIM was beneath the name of R Sim Trading, an electrical and domiciliary apparatus aggregation (OSIM Ltd., 2011). Application their baby start-up capital, the aggregation engages with the advance of domiciliary articles such as knife sharpeners, knife and adaptable clothes dehydration rods. Apparently, in 1989, the aggregation listed with the name “Health Check and Care”, and after on confused their basic focus to advantageous affairs products. The time afterward this created abundant development for the company, and it manages to aftermath outlets in Indonesia, Malaysia and in Hong Kong (AsiaPulse News, 2002).

The company’s eyes was to become the all-around baton in advantageous activity appearance articles admitting their mission was to claiming the spirit of their clients. The ambition of the aggregation was to accompany the advantageous affairs to their consumers (Business Times-Malaysia, 2003 and New Straits Times, 2003).

Financial Standing [2] 

In Figure 1, the OSIM All-embracing Ltd’s 2009 revenues grew by 1% from 62% in 2008 to 63% in 2009. This is additionally created cogent admission in agreement of selling, accepted and authoritative costs consistent to the abatement of the net assets from a accretion of 21% in 2008 to a accretion of 5% in 2009. From the almanac of OSIM’s antithesis breadth (see Appendix), the aggregation absolutely suffers from accumulation abatement due to the aftereffect of all-around recession (Offers Style: New OSIM Store Now Open, 2004).

Figure 1. OSIM’s Accumulation and Turnover

Source: Osim All-embracing Ltd., 2009

As apparent in Figure 1, the 2007 and 2009 accomplishment is animate compared in 2008. From these results, we can aberrate that OSIM was not assuming able-bodied in 2008 as compared to their animate 2007 and 2009. Despite of some downturns in 2008 due to the all-around business crisis, the year 2010 shows absorbing trend. From the aggregate information, it is accepted that in 2010 both the acquirement and net assets of OSIM will be consistently affective advancement (See Appendix for complete details).

OSIM’s PESTLE Analysis

Political Conditions – political influences accommodate government stability, taxation policy, adopted barter regulations and amusing abundance behavior (Davies, & Lam, 2001). The political bearings of Hong Kong is actual abiding now or alike in the animate future, all of these are provided by its abiding and aerial afterimage law (CIA Worldfact 2011). This will assure OSIM and another adopted businesses that the political action of Hong Kong will advice them to accept a abiding operation in area. Actually, the corruption-free government with annual 8.4 in accuracy index, accomplished political action and awful developed and competent basement of Hong Kong accept bent the absorption of investments from added than 7,000 bunch corporations from the United States, Japan, and Europe (Transparency International, 2010).

Economics- Hong Kong is an adorable bazaar for medical home affliction technology makers and the newest trends. The aperture of OSIM and the advance of medical home affliction technologies is acknowledging the appeal for bloom casework in Hong Kong. OSIM does not anguish that the legislation could acutely set aback their best able business (New Straits Times, 2003). Actually, Hong Kong is a awful developed and acknowledged free-market economy. As of 2010 Bread-and-butter Indicators, the CPI or the chump amount basis of Hong Kong is 128 with Annual Inflation Amount of 0.45 (CIA Worldfact, 2011). Hong Kong has additionally 4.3% (2010 est.) unemployment amount with the GDP of $224.1 billion (2010 est.) (CIA Worldfact, 2011). Actually, Hong Kong enjoys an conspicuously accessible and corruption-free background, abiding prices, and a per capita GDP college than that of best developed countries. The abridgement depends heavily on exports, decidedly in chump electronics, advice technology products, pharmaceuticals, and on a growing banking casework breadth (CIA Worldfact, 2011). Real GDP advance averaged 2.3% in 2008, but apprenticed -2.7% in 2009 as a aftereffect of the all-around banking crisis but in 2010 an animate 6.8% was computed (CIA Worldfact, 2011). As seen, there are lot of adopted businesses begin in about all sectors of the abridgement of Hong Kong. Basically, added than two-thirds of accomplishment accession and absolute consign sales are provided by adopted business, although there are casework sectors that abide disqualified by government-linked businesses (CIA Worldfact, 2011).

Social cultural – In agreement of amusing aspect, OSIM is absolutely in advantage in Hong Kong because that the standards of active of bodies in destinations served by OSIM is acceptable and best of them accept the accommodation to pay for their home healthcare technology needs. However, OSIM still needs to accede the tastes and lifestyles of bodies especially, their alertness to buy technology-based home affliction articles (New Straits Times, 2004) back Hong Kong consumers could adopt acceptable anesthetic or Chinese physician rather than aerial tech equipment. But because of the appearance of new technologies in any setting, this is a acceptable timing for OSIM to grab the befalling (Barton, Newell, & Wilson, 2002). The attributes of its workforce is additionally allotment of alien ambiance of OSIM admitting the Hong Kong aborigine are able to cope with the changes implemented in OSIM.

Technological – Today, e-business has become an basic allotment of operations in any business industry, with ultimate objectives of not alone accomplishing amount extenuative but additionally breeding added acquirement (Hormozi, Hostetler, & Middleton, 2003). Beyond to enhance their accepted artefact line, their added advance should be focus on convalescent and accumulation adapted new technology. In Hong Kong, OSIM implemented and advancing to become Asia’s arch Home Health-care articles architect and distributor.

Legal – As with any another business industry of the world, there are rules and regulations that bind or abutment the abetment of the business in the Home Health-care articles bazaar in the areas breadth OSIM operates (New Straits Times, 2004).

Environmental – There are currently no aloft ecology issues faced by the OSIM in Hong Kong because that Home Health-care articles are not alone acceptable for bodies but additionally to our ambiance (New Straits Times, 2004).

OSIM’s SWOT Analysis

With annual to the accustomed advice in the aggregation website, the afterward presentation will appearance the SWOT assay of OSIM. Actually, SWOT assay can accommodate a framework for anecdotic and allegory strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and blackmail (Feist, Heely, Lu, & Nersesian, 1999).

Adapted from:

TOWS Matrix

From the SWOT presented the TOWS casting for OSIM’s operation in Hong Kong is made.

External Opportunities


External Threats


1. Advance and admission the bazaar of the business

2. Advance of the company’s subsidiaries.

3. Increased chump loyalty.

4. All-embracing chump adeptness through the use of e-commerce or internet marketing

1. Emergence of awful advancing company.

2. Bread-and-butter downturn.

3. Escalating prices of basic abstracts and products.

Internal Strengths



Focus on assorted advance strategies to advance market.

Offering accomplished articles to accomplish chump adherence and accomplished chump association


Strong acceptability and assets of OSIM to draw automated adeptness which can advantage up customers’ aplomb in because product.

Consideration of aggregate adventure and acceptable alliance and accretion to advance and aggrandize bazaar portfolio in another genitalia of the globe.

Enhancing home healthcare articles and casework to accommodated the charge of the ambition market.

1. Acceptable Chump relationship

2. Diversified articles and casework offered to altered barter in the all-embracing contexts

Internal Weaknesses (W)


Managing banking adeptness finer to minimise weaknesses

Improving chump adeptness by abutting assorted business ventures.


Applying cardinal administration anatomy to accretion shareholders and stakeholders’ trusts

Investing in advice technology infrastructure

Enhancing casting adherence admitting chump satisfaction.

1. Inability to administer costs sources

2. Limited admission to all-embracing markets.

Adopted from:

Porter’s Bristles Armament of OSIM

A Five-Force archetypal (Ali, 1993) was conducted in the ambience of the all-around home bloom affliction industry . Despite actuality a bazaar leader, OSIM is not yet comatose on its acclaim of success, but instead, continuously innovating and developing their aggregation in adjustment to advance what it has managed to accomplish up to this time. The afterward identifies the bristles armament of OSIM:

Industry Competitors- In the all-around business industry, authoritative and abstruse changes are the aloft factors, authoritative built-in reasonable strategies anachronous and controls the conception and advance of new products, strategies, processes, and accessible behavior in the industry (Leuz, Pfaff, & Hopwood, 2004). Basically, there are abundant home bloom affliction players in the industry, included in the annual is OSIM, who strive for bazaar administration in all their business aspects. As such, the akin of industry antagonism is actual annealed and actual aggressive.

Potential Entrants- Accustomed barriers to admission in the all-around home bloom affliction industry accommodate the charge for basic investment, animal resources, and technology and the accent of economies of scale. It additionally includes the role of appliance costs abhorred by a abutting accord amid the bell-ringer and its client, which in about-face is accompanying to the abstention of adept behaviour by either party.

Buyers – Home health-care articles accept a continued history–a history affluent in artefact diversity, all-embracing scope, and, aloft all, affiliated change and adaptation. These advancing changes accept affected adaptations, and in accepted accept bigger the akin and adeptness action to clients, thereby accretion transactional volume. Coupled with these, the barter accept become abreast apropos home-health affliction articles that OSIM-like companies offer.

Suppliers- The suppliers to this industry are mainly the providers of technology and abstracts in home health-care firms use in the conduct of their businesses.

Substitutes -There is a aerial akin of substitutes for the advantageous and affairs articles industry, apparent by the abundant numbers of aloft players in the all-around market. The amount to alteration to accession adorableness close is additionally about low, so the barter amount is appealing high.

Grand Action Matrix

Adapted from:

In agreement of admirable adverse action of the company, OSIM accord to the bazaar in which the advance was slow. However, the aggregation was the arch business in this industry that defines their able advancing position.

Differentiation Strategy

In adjustment to abode OSIM as a baton in Home Healthcare Products, there should be a alleged adverse action that acutely identifies why OSIM is altered from another brands. The adverse action of OSIM was based on their:

Wide acquaintance in home bloom affliction bazaar – as they accept been in the business for about 42 years now, their admiral can accede their acquaintance in operating adventure as backbone (OSIM Ltd., 2011).

Reasonable amount offerings of articles and services- back they able to accumulate their overheads low, this allows them to accept bigger ascendancy of their prices. This is advised backbone because naturally, bodies would attending for a reasonably-priced abode to break in that appropriately do not cede annual and artefact affection (OSIM Ltd., 2011).

Already has developed a acceptable acceptability for amount for money – back they accept been operating for abundant cardinal of years, they already accept congenital a name for themselves, alluring a cardinal of loyal barter forth the way (OSIM Ltd., 2010).

Good industry abilities – the admiral of altered capacity of OSIM are accustomed for the business that they ventured into, both actuality approachable and friendly, the best important accessible affiliation abilities that audience attending for (OSIM Ltd., 2011).

The Boston Consulting Accumulation Approach (BCG Matrix)

There are 9 important business units for the OSIM, which are aggregate according to the burghal or country that their operation is located: Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Canada, UAE and USA.

Figure 1 BCG Matrix

Adapted from:

Cash Cow – a business aspect that has a abundant bazaar allotment in a absolutely developed and apathetic growing industry. Thus, it requires a baby advance and produces banknote that can be acclimated in another business (QuickMBA 2007). Malaysia is the alone business assemblage that was included in the said category. This is because OSIM is advised as one of the best arresting and acclaimed home health-care articles distributor. Aloft all, one of the best important aspects to be advised is the cardinal of competitors in the country.

Star – a business aspect that has a huge bazaar allotment in a abrupt ascent business. This business assemblage generates cash, however, due to the accelerated advance of the market, they crave advance in adjustment advance the advance of a specific aggregation (QuickMBA 2007). Hong Kong and Singapore are the two business units which included in the said category. OSIM is advised as one of the aboriginal home bloom affliction articles architect and benefactor in the world, decidedly in Hong Kong and Singapore. Because of that, OSIM had been able to accretion advancing advantage, in agreement of angel appear the Chinese, Singaporeans and adopted visitors. However, because of the growing abridgement of the said cities, it had resulted to the growing cardinal of players in the industry, appropriately pushed OSIM Hong Kong and Singapore to focus on altered cardinal plan and accomplishing that will advance their advancing advantage.

Question Mark or Botheration Adolescent – a business basic that has a little bazaar allotment in a aerial accretion market. A botheration adolescent requires assets in adjustment to abound bazaar share, however, the actuality if they will be acknowledged and become stars is not abiding (QuickMBA 2007). Canada, China and Indonesia are the three business units that were included in the said category. In China, OSIM has a baby allotment in the bazaar because of the all-encompassing competition, primarily from the bounded players in the area. The said bearings is the aforementioned in Canada. On the another hand, the OSIM was included in the said class because; the auberge was one of the anew developed hotels of the group.

Dog – a business basic that has a little bazaar allotment in a developed industry. UAE, Taiwan and USA are three of business units that accord to the said category. The acumen abaft the said assay is because of the actuality that UAE, Taiwan and USA are advised as three of the best arresting cities in the world. Thus, there are altered huge companies that accept already started their operations in there. Although it is important to accede that a dog may not appropriate abundant cast, it is affiliated to the basic that could be bigger be deployed elsewhere, about in the case of the OSIM UAE, Taiwan and USA, it is advised as cardinal purpose of the accumulation in adjustment to acquaint their casting in the West and some genitalia of Asia.

OSIM’s Leadership: Advancing Contour Casting (CPM)




Critical Success Factors



Weighted Score


Weighted Score


Weighted Score

Market share








Price Competitiveness








Financial position








Product quality








Consumer loyalty













Adapted from:

With commendations to advancing contour matrix, OSIM became a baton and surpasses their top competitors OMRON and Sanyo. Actually, OSIM leads the accomplishment in agreement of bazaar allotment and amount competitiveness. The said key factors are OSIM’s bend adjoin their competitors because that their primary markets are amid in Singapore, Hong Kong and currently no aggregation poses a cogent blackmail to them as a aloft adversary (Osim All-embracing Ltd. 2009). The aggregation believed that they accept the accept a advancing bend over their competitors in their primary markets as their all-encompassing administration arrangement of outlets is committed to home health-care products. As allotment of the business development of the company, they currently exercise the abounding adeptness over their point-of-sales arrangement and absolute to the administration alternation ‘how’ to advertise and not alone ‘what’ to advertise (Osim All-embracing Ltd. 2009). Furthermore, OSIM additionally ascendancy their accumulation chain, from the architecture of the articles up to the administration and business of the products. In general, the aggregation considers Sanyo and Omron as their competitors.

Overall Recommendation for Approaching Development

For the success and approaching development of OSIM, it is recommended that centralized action charge be considered. Basically, the best important to accede was the animal agency as it is the affection that’s drive the company. Accepting the appropriate adeptness and bodies to actualize accessory environment, and be advance by able abstracted leaders and best administration that able to administer its bodies and process. The alien action on the another hand, as apparent in the PESTLE assay charge be additionally considered. With able and abiding alien ambiance will accord for the charge to change cardinal option. Furthermore, the abounding abutment from our Accumulation and re-alignment with our another Hub is important after it it’s absurd to accomplish the eyes and mission. In agreement of banking aspect all cardinal advantage should absorb banking advance that in appellation will accompany amount annual and growth. Abnormally in its bazaar development by accretion abeyant BPO that is added adorable and can accompany in basic and amount to OSIM. Apparently, in adjustment to cope with the change the alignment anatomy additionally charge to realign and change. Abnormally in its amoebic growth, breadth accepting the appropriate blazon of bodies and adeptness is the key to success. It anatomy administration is important to assassinate the cardinal option. Moreover, alien bazaar trend is added into technology with faster and reliable system. With aerial acceleration connectivity the bazaar had been added aggressive and augment it bazaar widely. As apparent anniversary cardinal advantage has actual own accident but with ascetic ascendancy and bigger accident administration can abate any abeyant accident and abbreviate the impact.

For continues success of the company, OSIM charge additionally accede change administration that will be the abeyant barrier back OSIM is still in it abundance zone. By accomplishing an organisational development and acquirements it can analyze the accident and affected the barrier of change.

OSIM is amorous with chump accent and makes every accomplishment to be an “all-weather umbrella” to its clients, by because assorted strategies for capricious situations. It had to annex out in adjustment to agree acquirement and expenditure, abate accident and break profitable, with an according accent in its adeptness to ahead change. The business of OSIM has amorphous a action of aloft amplification and advance with one bright objective, which is to authorize themselves as one of the world’s top benefactor of Home Bloom affliction products, and these strategies are based about a aesthetics of amoebic advance and a alteration appear acceptable a client-oriented business.

With this detail, the business charge go on to accretion avant-garde software programs and chronicle finer to another companies that aftermath these software programs to become adapted with the latest advance in the Apple Advanced Web. The business charge economically and calmly accomplish a acceptable affiliation with their audience and shareholders, to endlessly operate. OSIM charge consistently conceptualise and assassinate acceptable projects to be able to set trends in the industry. Apart from developing business strategies, the business accept to focus on architecture agent and chump associations, in accord to cardinal administration concepts, for it is all-important to authorize and focus on the needs of the clientele, as audience are the motive for actuality animate in the business.

In the end, businesses affianced so abundant in technology has its allotment of acceptable and bad impacts, socially, economically and alike environmentally. In addition, it has to be acclaimed that bartering of home bloom affliction articles is not one industry but many. Hence, the accomplishment of acceptable appropriate ambition business or its around-the-clock development for the aggregate allowances of the world, may accordingly depend on a change in action and planning of the industry in adjustment to analyze accepted arena added easily, and to accomplishment added allotment after sacrificing the one that lays the aureate egg, in address of speaking. All said, approaching analysis may accept to focus on participatory planning involving business, governments, host communities and campaigners with a greater appearance to accepted ground.

OSIM’s Administration and Management: An Evaluation

In this project, I abstruse I lot of things back it comes to leadership, administration and administration a business. I abstruse that to sustain the development of a assertive business, they should not alone frequently analysis the amount of portfolio but additionally the all-embracing business practices and movement in the all-around market. To become a all-around leader, businesses should positioned on fast-growing chances, whether geologically or through bazaar articulation by selecting and advance in businesses with abiding tail-wind profiles.

In absorption OSIM’s case, there are abundant business administration and administration strategies that can be use in adjustment to advance business advance and development. All these efforts are conducted to ensure that the abundance of the business alignment is preserved forth with aims and goals against acceptable authoritative success and development. The actuality charcoal that there are consistently abrupt as able-bodied as adventitious accident environments that cannot be controlled by the associates of the administration admiral and agents of business organizations. As such it is important to accede the faculty, allowances as able-bodied as advantages of implementing and utilizing cardinal management, accoutrement and techniques. At the akin and all-around hazards present in the accepted business bazaar environments, it is astute to ensure that the angel and all-embracing abundance of the business alignment is consistently protected. These are accessible through cardinal use and appliance of aggregation behavior from which the aggregation will benefit.

I additionally abstruse in this activity that the business action and convenance in agreement of business administration strategies acutely adumbrated the accent of administration in arresting and absolutely preventing adverse business anarchy that economies may accompany to business organizations. In the case of OSIM, it is axiomatic that cardinal administration are awful affecting in the conception of business strategies. It was taken into annual that any business and banking endeavour that will be implemented by business organizations should be adjourned and evaluated application the absolute aggregation behavior that are abundantly afflicted by the basic management.


The strategies of OSIM focus added on the administration and admission of advice rather the conception of extraneous casework and products. For this reason, OSIM has developed a different set of allegorical attempt – simplicity, cost-efficiency and effectiveness. Total charge to these attempt makes the articles of OSIM actual convenient to its customers. OSIM was able to attain and all-encompassing bazaar administration through assorted accretion deals over the years alike there is a annealed antagonism in the market. The strategies of OSIM are focused mostly on able advance of its home bloom affliction articles and casework and accepting bigger the company’s banking feat. These innovations accept additionally helped adequate aloft acquisitions and partnerships. Significantly, these innovations accept guided to the acquittal of the potentials of the company’s workforce, appropriately creating an arete performance-based background.

On the another hand, OSIM’s strategies in the home bloom affliction and technology industry added at the alpha of the new millennium and commenced on abaft and inventing articles differentiation. With this, the differentiated home bloom affliction articles of OSIM were able to amuse the barter and sustain their needs in accordance to the ambience of acceptable advancing advantage. This additionally justified that the acceding adeptness of their chump is aerial while the amusement of their acting and new aspirant is low because of their all-encompassing efforts in advancement the affection of their products. Moreover, this accustomed OSIM to analysis and abatement the prices of their articles and as an another focused on the ethics that produced not alone a moderately college amount but additionally a bigger allowance back these things could advice to abstain business downfall.

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