Develop Time-Management Skills

  Most bodies absorb several hours a day accomplishing things they do not enjoy, that are a decay of time, and/or that do not chronicle to their priorities and abiding goals. This week, you will clue how you absorb your time in adjustment to alpha developing and implementing time-management abilities that will advice you accomplish the best of your time at NCU. Create a account of your priorities. Identify which ones are your top priorities. Write a abrupt account of what your top priorities are and why. Keep a account for two canicule advertisement aggregate you do for those 48 hours (make abiding to accommodate everything—sleeping, eating, amusing media, watching TV, exercise, working, ancestors time, schoolwork, etc.). Identify how abundant time you can abate on assertive activities that do not adjust to your priorities (as categorical in Step 1). Read all assets for this week. Make an activity plan (1 page) account how you will advance at atomic bristles time-management strategies during this course. Length: 3-5 pages References: Accommodate a minimum of 3 bookish resources

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