Develop a Set of Recommendations

Instructions You accept aloof been assassin as a healthcare ambassador for a healthcare ability alive to advance its affection standing. As you achieve into your new role, one of the aboriginal tasks you are answerable with is to advance the affection affirmation and connected advance accomplishment aimed at acclamation fall-related incidents in your ability (you can analysis the Week 1 appointment for guidance).  At this juncture, the affection advance aggregation is alive on anecdotic allusive measures for abstracts accumulating and ecology over time. As the affection aggregation prepares to accommodated and advised on the best of these allusive achievement measures, you adjudge to address a announcement to the affection aggregation with recommendations for factors they charge to accede back allotment and prioritizing these measures. Write a announcement account your point and rationale. At the minimum, ensure your announcement addresses/considers the following: 1. Your organization’s cardinal plan. 2. The charge for a holistic set of measures that includes measures from the structures, processes, and outcomes. 3. Stakeholders’ interest. 4. Compliance and accreditation. Length: 1-2 pages (excluding appellation and advertence page) References: Include a minimum of 2-3 peer-reviewed, bookish resources. Your appointment should reflect bookish bookish writing, accepted APA standards

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