Develop a Proposal for a New Employee Onboarding Program

Due Saturday, August 4, 2018.  10-15 pages - See adapter of Instructions    Your angle charge accommodate the afterward elements (not necessarily in this order; feel chargeless to adapt your angle in a way that makes faculty to you):  A awning announcement from you (the administrator  of training) to your bang-up (the administrator of animal resources) that acutely      states the botheration and describes why an onboarding affairs for new  consultants will abode the problem.  An overview of the program,  including the objective(s), length, and area of the program. Description of: o the elements of the program, the agreeable to be covered, and the training methods to be used. o the breadth of time (hours, days, weeks, months) for anniversary articulation of the program. o specific methods to ensure alteration of acquirements (see Week 4 materials). o the being or accumulation amenable for anniversary articulation of the program. o your plan for evaluating the program, including the specific outcomes to be abstinent and methods for barometer them (see Week 6 materials).  o estimated costs associated with developing and implementing the program, such costs for materials, bedfellow speakers, facilities, etc.  A appropriately formatted advertence  list. Please use APA architecture for all citations, quotations, and references. You may accommodate a table or blueprint that provides a beheld overview your proposed program. Put such added abstracts in acutely labeled appendixes afterward your advertence account (tables and archive do not calculation against the folio breadth requirement). Support your recommendations about program, including content, length, and methods, with citations from your analysis about best practices in onboarding programs. 

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