Develop a Patient Safety Culture (Two-page report&One-page questionnaire)

  Develop a Accommodating Assurance Culture  In this appointment you will address a address on the acceptation of accommodating assurance and the appulse of authoritative ability on affection and assurance initiatives. Share affection and assurance adventures that you accept encountered in your accepted or above organization. You will additionally actualize a one-page check advised to analysis co-workers on the organization’s accommodating assurance culture. It will abide of Likert Scale questions. Review the afterward website for added advice on Likert Scaling: Your well-written appointment should accommodated the afterward requirements: •Two-page report, not including the awning or advertence pages. •One-page questionnaire, with 12-15 Likert Scale questions. •Formatted per APA and Saudi Electronic University standards. •Provide abutment for your assignment with in-text citations from a minimum of four bookish articles.  Two of these sources may be from the chic readings, textbook, or lectures, but two charge be external. The Saudi Digital Library is a acceptable abode to acquisition these references. •Provide abounding APA references for the sources used, forth with adapted in- text citations. •Utilize headings to adapt the agreeable in your work.

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