Develop a 6-8 page reflection on your life, applying the sociological imagination and using specific sociological concepts to better understand your life experiences.

  Develop a 6-8 folio absorption on your life, applying the sociological acuteness and application specific sociological concepts to bigger accept your activity experiences. While we may not notice, association is consistently changing. For sociologists, amusing change is the around-the-clock change of society's culture, structure, and institutions over time. Every association adventures change—it is through this change that the norms and understandings in a association become altered. Fashion is a abundant archetype of amusing change, as what we abrasion is abased on the ability at the time. One hundred years ago it was not accepted for women to abrasion pants. Now it is altogether acceptable. While best women are in favor of actuality able to abrasion pants, amusing change is sometimes not consistently acceptable by associates of a society. Can you anticipate of any groups or organizations in the United States that are actively against to some affectionate of amusing change? Most amusing change is the aftereffect of conflict, demographic change, and technology. Conflict and change: Battle in a association (such as a war or alike an election) can actualize cogent change in a society. Demographic change: Changes in the composition of a citizenry can additionally affect society. As the architecture of our association in agreement of sex, race, age, et cetera, changes, so do abounding structural and cultural elements of society. How would our association be altered if best of the citizenry was beneath the age of 10? Or over the age of 70? Ideas and Change: Technology is generally a active force abaft amusing change and has brought cogent changes to our society. Anticipate aback to twenty years ago—how altered was association in agreement of technology? How did that appulse your accustomed life? In our accepted time, our corpuscle buzz anxiety wakes us up, we assay our acute phone, accomplish some coffee in our Keurig, alien alpha our car, and again use our aeronautics arrangement to get us to work. This is a decidedly altered acquaintance than we had twenty years ago. As you reflect on your activity and adventures in Appraisal 6, accede how abundant has afflicted over the advance of your lifetime. What are some above amusing changes? What do you anticipate had afflicted for the better? For the worse? Demonstration of Proficiency By auspiciously commutual this assessment, you will authenticate your accomplishment in the afterward advance competencies and appraisal criteria: Competency 3: Explain the acceptation of amusing asperity for the alone and society. Explain one's own educational acquaintance from a sociological perspective. Competency 4: Assay the access of ability on both the alone and society. Examine the appulse of ability and socialization on one's own life. Competency 5: Assay the appulse of amusing change on association and amusing institutions. Analyze the appulse of amusing structure, amusing change, and groups on one's own life. Explain sociological issues that affect one's own acreage of study. Analyze the role of technology and media in one's own life. Competency 6: Compose argument that articulates acceptation accordant to its purpose and audience. Develop argument application organization, structure, and transitions that authenticate compassionate of accord amid capital and subtopics. For this assessment, reflect on the question, "Who am I?" and conduct a micro-level assay to explain and assay your accustomed experiences. In accomplishing so, you will attending at the appulse of amusing armament on your alone life. Application your sociological acuteness requires you to administer abounding of the concepts, theories, and applicative sociological understandings that you accept encountered in the course. Deliverable Reflect on your accustomed adventures that chronicle to concepts encountered in this course. For example, accept you encountered any aspect of asperity in your life? Accept you encountered any norms? Accede how a sociologist would explain these experiences. Write an article in which you complete all of the following: Introduction: Introduce yourself and what you plan on discussing in your paper. Culture and Socialization: Examine the appulse ability and socialization has had on your life. Accommodate the afterward back creating this section: How did you advance a faculty of self? What agents of socialization had the bigger appulse on you? How? How has ability afflicted your life? Social Anatomy and Groups: Assay the appulse of amusing anatomy and groups on your life. Accommodate the following: How accept assorted groups (primary, secondary, reference, et cetera) guided your behavior? What statuses accept you held? What roles accept you played? How accept amusing hierarchies shaped your activity choices? Education: Explain your educational acquaintance from a sociological perspective. In accomplishing so, accommodate the following: What above functions has apprenticeship had for you? How has apprenticeship been accompanying to your activity outcomes? What adventures with asperity accept you had in education? Professional Field: Explain sociological issues that affect your acreage of abstraction or the acreage you intend to abstraction at this point in your education. Be abiding to accommodate any amusing changes that may appulse your field. Technology and Media: Assay the role technology and media accept in your accustomed life. What appulse accept new advice technologies and amusing media had on your life? What letters accept the media and accepted ability announced to you?  What role has globalization played in your life? Summary: Briefly call your acquaintance with this assessment. Additional Requirements Written communication: Advance argument application organization, structure, and transitions that authenticate compassionate of accord amid capital and subtopics. Written advice is chargeless of errors that backbite from the all-embracing message. Write in a able appearance application references and actual grammar, usage, and mechanics. Sources: Adduce at atomic bristles bookish sources. Length: 6–8 pages, not including appellation and advertence pages. Format: Accommodate a appellation folio and advertence page. Use in argument citations to adduce your sources. [Example: Writing becomes bigger as the adolescent matures (Britton, Thomas, & Miller, 1996).] Font and size: Times New Roman, 12-point.

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