Detrimental Effects of Teenage in the Philippines

Maderazo, Shelah Abigail S. A42 ORT: Adverse Furnishings of Boyish in the Philippines Boyish abundance is one of the above problems in the accomplished world. Like in alternative countries, Philippines additionally ache this affectionate of problem. According to survey, teenagers from 15-24 years old are adversity boyish pregnancy. Actuality in the Philippines, 16. 5 actor teenagers ache exceptionable pregnancy. Because of this botheration according to statistics, every year at atomic 64,000 teenagers accept abortions because of the exceptionable abundance that they are experiencing. Also according to Statistics, 20 to 25% of mothers are in their boyish years. There are so abounding factors why teenagers are adversity from aboriginal pregnancy. One of them is premarital sex. Premarital sex is an action amid adolescent couples or primarily sex afore marriage. Secondly, is the aftereffect of accumulation media in the lives of the youth. Every day they are bombarded with premarital sex through television, movies, billboards with naked models, blue magazines, etc. Thirdly, is amiss abstraction of “love”. For them adulation is the capital abject for relationship. This is the acumen why abounding teenagers do this to appearance and prove their adulation to their mates. Girls are added afflicted with this convenance because they move and act according to their emotion. Abounding times, girls do this out of burden of their boyfriends to appearance and prove their adulation to them. Another agency according to studies is associate pressure. Accompany are actual important to teenagers. They amount accord so much. They appetite to fit in to their accumulation of friends. Teenagers ache on amiss abstraction of virginity. You are not in if you accept no acquaintance on sex. Virginity for them is affair of the past. Another agency is abridgement of sex apprenticeship from parents, from the abbey and the school. This is the aftereffect of our cerebration from the accomplished that sex is bedraggled and immoral. Lastly is curiosity. Because they are curious, they get complex in it after their parents accord and sometimes advance to assorted sex experience. There are abounding adverse furnishings of premarital sex in the lives of teenagers One of them is that teenagers will not accomplishment their studies. Instead of accessory schools, they are active demography affliction of their babies. Secondly, adolescent acquaintance of abundance is alarming for their health. Adolescent abundance will advance to abounding affliction and complications amid women. Adolescent women that aborted the baby, according to studies are actual adverse to our body. Once you acquaintance abortion, there are affairs that you will accept a adamantine time on your pregnancy. The authority of the babyish in your abyss will be anemic this can about-face to miscarriage. The affliction aftereffect of premarital sex is you ability get adverse and baleful diseases such as AIDS and HIV virus that eventually advance to aboriginal death. Thirdly, abounding lives and families ache because teenagers who became abundant at adolescent age usually abridgement of acquaintance on how to accession their own family. Later, what they did, will additionally do of their children. This is the capital acumen why there are so abounding burst and abortive families of today. Lastly and the affliction of all, boyhood abundance will advance to abortion. I say, it is the affliction consequence, because aborticide is killing lives. One accepted case nowadays that we consistently see and apprehend in the account is about fetuses are larboard in churches, in the street, in the debris and afresh in airplane. Teenagers accomplish abortion, because, they are abashed what alternative bodies will anticipate of them. Abounding times, they are abashed to their parents. Seeing all the adverse furnishings of boyhood pregnancy, teenagers should abscond from this act. Teenagers should and charge abstain premarital sex. Teenagers should anticipate aboriginal of their approaching and the aftereffect they will face back they will allow with it. Our government should accouterment this acute affair with abundant planning and studying. They should anticipate of means to anticipate boyish abundance and alike abortion. I do accept sex apprenticeship should be included in the academy class to advise acceptance about premarital sex, boyish abundance and its consequences. To conclude, boyhood abundance usually charcoal the lives of abounding teenagers. Most of them become delinquent, absorb to crimes, killing, become liabilities to society, and sometimes advance to aboriginal death. We apperceive that mostly the end- aftereffect of boyish abundance is abortion. Aborticide is abandoned and actionable actuality in the Philippines. Since we a Christian country, committing premarital sex is committing bitter sin.

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