Designing and Measuring Outcomes

   Designing and Measuring Outcomes As acclaimed in antecedent courses of the DNP program, it is capital to architecture assessable outcomes that can adviser the development, implementation, and appraisal of an initiative. For this Discussion, you are asked to appraise able standards and alternative factors that crave application as you advance outcomes for your proposed evidence-based change. Think about the assorted groups that are invested in—or that may be afflicted by—this change. What measures would stakeholders charge in adjustment to advice actuate if the change aligns with authoritative priorities and is acknowledged in accomplishing its advised outcomes? Why is it important to authorize accountability about this initiative? To prepare: Look at outcomes accustomed for at atomic one      evidence-based change currently underway or ahead able aural      your practicum setting. What acquaint can be abstruse to abutment the      development of outcomes for your proposed change? What outcomes would you analyze for your proposed      change? How are these angry to AACN Essentials? What alternative standards or      guidelines should be considered? What interdisciplinary factors charge to be      considered as you ability these outcomes? Think about alternative analytic and      administrative groups, as able-bodied as patients. How will the outcomes be measured? Be able to abutment your Discussion postings with      evidence from the abstract and specific examples accompanying to your      practicum setting. By Day 3 of Week 8 Post a adamant acknowledgment that addresses the following: By tomorrow Wednesday 4/17/19  2pm (America/New York time), address a minimum of 550 words article in APA architecture with at atomic 3 references (see account or appropriate readings below). Include the akin one headers as numbered below: 1) Call three outcomes for your proposed change. For anniversary outcome, call the appraisal criterion/criteria that is/are measurable. 2) Explain how these outcomes chronicle to assorted sets of standards, as able-bodied as differing groups’ needs and priorities. Why is intra- and interdisciplinary accord important as you architecture these outcomes? 3) How do the assessable outcomes for your proposed change authorize accountability for you as a leader? Required Readings White, K. M., & Dudley-Brown, S.(2016). Translation of affirmation into nursing and bloom affliction practice. (2nd edition)  New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company. Review Chapter 14, “Creating a Culture that Promotes      Translation” Kutney-Lee, A., Germack, H., Hatfield, L., Kelly, S., Maguire, P., Dierkes, A., & ... Aiken, L. H. (2016). Nurse Engagement in Shared Governance and Patient and Nurse Outcomes. Journal Of Nursing Administration, 46(11), 605-612. doi:10.1097/NNA.0000000000000412 Sung-Heui, B. (2016). CNE SERIES. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Reimbursement Policy and Nursing-Sensitive Adverse Patient Outcomes. Nursing Economic$, 34(4), 161-181.  Twigg, D. E., Gelder, L., & Myers, H. (2015). The appulse of understaffed accouterment on nurse-sensitive outcomes. Journal Of Advanced Nursing, 71(7), 1564-1572. doi:10.1111/jan.12616 Yankovsky, A., Gajewski, B. J., & Dunton, N. (2016). Trends in Nursing Affliction Efficiency From 2007 to 2011 on Acute Nursing Units. Nursing Economic$, 34(6), 266-276.

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