Design Thinking Script

   Design Cerebration Calligraphy (This Calligraphy will be the alpha of my apogee project)please apprehend adapter afore authoritative a bid Reflect on the agreeable covered throughout the absolute course. Utilizing what you abstruse about architecture cerebration this week, actualize a calligraphy that can be acclimated to actualize a annotation presentation or video in Anniversary Six. Review the Apogee explanation and Capstone: It's Not Scary accelerate presentation. Your calligraphy should include: This will be a two allotment assignment, being accepting firts allotment charge be will to acquire allotment two.  You will acquisition complete capacity attached During this course, I came beyond x. I see befalling for advance at my alignment in      x. I ability appetite to focus my apogee on these one to three      areas. How will this chronicle to the end user? Consider      consumer-centrism. Click the Appointment Files tab to abide your assignment.  Materials · Apogee Explanation ATTACHED · Capstone: It's Not Scary ATTACHED THEN Design Thinking" from the Harvard Business Review (HBR) Explainer Watch the video "Design Thinking" from the HBR Explainer series  ( Video Link: ) Post a acknowledgment to the afterward catechism on abstracted area of paper How will you use      design cerebration to activate to begin about your capstone? You can add at the end of cardboard I will cut and adhesive on abstracted area       Part Two Due Oct 2nd Design Presentation (MY Apogee project  Create a 5- to 6-slide annotation presentation or video application your calligraphy from Anniversary Five. Incorporate acknowledgment from      faculty and any added new learnings from the course. Presentation should be 3 to 4      minutes with a bright and able annotation presentation of      information. Cite at atomic 5 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or agnate references. Format your citations according to APA guidelines. Subjects covered throughout this class system cerebration locally and on a civic level,  the three C’s (Creativity, anarchy and complexity), acknowledgment loops, advantage points, altered types of accessories and opportunities such as Allurement of escalation, tragedy of the commons, success to the successful, Drift to low Performance ,and  he allurement of Shifting the Burden to the Intervenor amid others Flow, Fulfillment, Creativity, and Respect, Gemba walk

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