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As entrepreneurs we can apprentice a lot from alternative entrepreneurs you accept launched both acknowledged and not-so-successful ventures. Understanding how these individuals started their companies, the challenges they faced/overcame, the risks that were taken, and the appulse they’ve fabricated is abundantly important for abstraction our angle on entrepreneurship. The purpose of this activity is to understand, analyze, and present the REAL adventure about how a real-life administrator launched his or her startup. The activity should go above the apparent storyline and dig added into the good/bad, mundane/notable, and easy/hard elements of their ambitious adventure in adjustment to advice us advance allusive insights. How do I baddest an entrepreneur? - You can baddest an administrator that relates to your chic venture - Think about entrepreneurs that created your admired articles and companies/brands - Do More Faster additionally has lots of absorbing entrepreneurs - You can additionally baddest a bounded administrator to account in person - It may or may not be addition you apperceive personally - Our absolute anticipation console consists of experienced, bounded entrepreneurs Written Summary The purpose of the accounting arbitrary is to acquaint the administrator and allotment their adventure in an absorbing way that demonstrates able insights and analytic depth. The accounting arbitrary should acknowledgment catechism such as (but not bound to): - What did they accomplish? - What factors led to their success/failure? - What motivated the entrepreneur? - What sacrifices were fabricated and risks taken? - What adversities/opportunities did they encounter? The arbitrary should be 750-1,000 words and double-spaced. Due Feb 6th

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