Topic of the final cardboard in HCID510 Define and call architecture based on the readings we accept discusses throughout the academy - you can do this by anecdotic architecture based on the attributes of architecture problems and challenges, architecture outcomes, the architecture process, the bodies who design, and the ambience area designing takes place—this can be the architecture studio, the beyond participatory architecture setting, how architecture fits into organizations and industry,  or how architecture is taught. Create arguments that outline your position, altercate adverse arguments, and contextualize your arguments in the accepted address of HCI and design. Reference concepts from the readings and added assets you pick. Develop an altercation in the anatomy of a 2,500 chat cardboard and compare/contrast your altercation with  arguments you acquisition relevant, pertaining to the affair you are discussing, from the texts we accept discussed in class, added any added acknowledging abstracts area you see access (readings you accept appear across, contempo discussions in the architecture community, case studies, depending on the capacity you lay out in your paper). The anatomy for the cardboard should be as follows: A appellation for your cardboard that best captures the attributes of your argument An abstruse that provides an outline of your affair (150-350 words) 1. An addition analogue why your affair is accordant to the address in HCI and design 2. A accomplishments area that surveys origins, actual development, and accepted address in your affair area 3. Sections that present your altercation and compares/contrasts it with called capacity from our readings and discussions 4. A arbitrary or cessation area that recaps your allegation and insights 5. A Bibliography of all sources cited in APA format.

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