Describe Two Approaches to the Treatment of Self-Defeating Behaviour

Word calculation – 2553 Call and appraise two approaches to the analysis of self-defeating behaviour. Module Five Jane Ovington May 2012 Jane Ovington - Chrysalis North2A - Tutor , Steven Lucas, folio 1 of 9 Introduction This article aims to call and appraise two approaches to the analysis of cocky acquisition behaviour. To do this I am application the description of Anorexia Nervosa as a cocky acquisition behaviour, one which has far extensive consequences. I will accommodate accessible origins, causes and aliment of Anorexia and call two of abounding agency in which a therapist may advice with this activity whilst accepting up the strengths and weaknesses of each. Capital article What is cocky acquisition behaviour? Cocky acquisition behaviour could be declared as behaviour that aback compared to alternative accessible courses of action, it is never the best accessible activity for that individual. A cocky acquisition behaviour will at some point accept been acclimated auspiciously as a arresting activity to get through a difficult situation. This advance of activity is afresh stored in the hidden by that abandoned as article that ‘worked’ and accordingly the behaviour will be re-produced afresh in times of perceived trouble. The cocky acquisition behaviour will by its actual attributes absolutely serve to ensure that the abhorrence or aftereffect that the actuality is aggravating to abstain will in actuality appear to pass. (Chrysalis Year 2 Module5) What is Anorexia? Anorexia is an bistro ataxia whose capital affection is boundless weight accident and afflicted exercise. A actual low weight is accomplished which is afresh maintained abnormally low for the patients age and height. The dead develops an acute admiration to be thinner and an acute abhorrence of acceptable fat. Their anatomy angel becomes absolutely adulterated and their anatomy weight and appearance become the capital or alike sole admeasurement of cocky account as advancement an acutely low weight becomes equated with beauty, success, self-esteem, and self-control. It is not apparent as a botheration by the sufferer. Jane Ovington - Chrysalis North2A - Tutor , Steven Lucas, folio 2 of 9 Contrary to accepted accepting this cerebral and concrete activity is not usually about food. It is a cocky acquisition behaviour acclimated as a way of demography ascendancy and aggravating to accomplish activity bigger and is accompanied by a array of changes in behaviour, emotions, thinking, perceptions, and amusing interactions. The name Anorexia nervosa is somewhat ambiguous as it absolutely agency "nervous accident of appetite. " However, for bodies with this ataxia all alive thoughts are bedeviled by food, weight, and anatomy angel and absurd levels of cocky ascendancy are acclimated to action animosity of acute hunger. http://ehealthmd. com/content/what-anorexia-nervosa) Approximately 95% of those afflicted by anorexia are changeable and best generally boyish girls. Higher accident of anorexia is generally apparent in environments area thinness is accounted to be abnormally adorable or a able requirement, such as athletes, models, dancers, and actors. In adjustment to access the accompaniment of Anorexia Nervosa, a actuality charge lose weight. The majority set out to do so advisedly because accurately or abominably they feel that they are too fat. For best people, dieting to lose weight is a struggle. Best dieters 'cheat' or accord up afore they lose all the weight which they had advised to afford and for those who do ability their advised weight there is a admeasurement of achievement and re-education of bistro habits which acquiesce them to advance a advantageous weight. In contrast, the anon to be anorexic finds slimming easy, advantageous and article they can be acceptable at from the start, article they can ascendancy which brings animosity of success, ability and triumph. The faculty of achievement acquired from the abolishment of ache and the akin of cocky abnegation adapted to be accustomed is frequently appear by anorexic sufferers to be actual allotment and so actuality we see how able this behaviour may be beheld by the dead as a arresting strategy. Jane Ovington - Chrysalis North2A - Tutor , Steven Lucas, folio 3 of 9 My own acquaintance of this activity was one that arose aback my best acquaintance died at the age of 17. I knew for abounding months above-mentioned to her afterlife that afterlife would about absolutely be the aftereffect of her condition. I acquainted ‘out of control’ there was annihilation I could do to change the advance of events. The one affair I could ascendancy about was what went into my mouth. This gave me a abating faculty of demography ascendancy of something. Article I angry out to be acceptable at, article I could focus on to accomplish all the alternative uncontrollable animosity subside. Once these animosity arise, a abhorrence of accident ascendancy prevents the dead from resuming accustomed bistro habits. Their acquaintance is bedeviled by these 'feel acceptable feelings' of ascendancy and ability but it is perceived by the dead to be ambiguous and accessible and accordingly threatened by any behaviour that may account exceptionable weight gain. The sufferers captivation with advancement this new postition begins to alter all alternative interests, apropos and relationships. In some cases the accepted position is never abundant and weight accident progresses until it becomes activity threatening. In best cases it seems that the anorexic starts out with agnate behaviour and agnate ambition to the accustomed slimmer but article goes amiss and the slimming behaviour is afield abiding (My own experience). Ironically, while Anorexia starts out as a activity of demography control, it rapidly descends into a abhorrence of accident the ascendancy the dead perceives themselves to accept taken. All the while the activity is absolutely authoritative the sufferer. While the media absolutely plays a role in how we appearance ourselves, anorexia is a way of arresting with what’s activity on in a teen’s life. Stress, pain, anger, acceptance, abashing and abhorrence can all become triggers for this debilitating bistro disorder. The ambition is one of aggravating to accomplish their accomplished activity better. Families can comedy a huge role. Some families are over careful and baking which can actualize a charge or rather a appeal for independence. Jane Ovington - Chrysalis North2A - Tutor , Steven Lucas, folio 4 of 9 Some families are analytical of weight gain, bookish or antic accomplishments or are adamant and alike abusive. Some adolescent bodies do not feel safe in their own homes, they don’t apperceive area to about-face or what to do and the charge to acquisition a way to accord with what’s activity on in their lives. Activity transitions such as a breach up, a divorce, afterlife of a admired one, abortion at academy or at assignment are all demanding incidents that charge to be dealt with. Genetic factors can additionally comedy its allotment in accidental - anorexia in boyish girls occurs eight times added generally in bodies who accept ancestors with the disorder. Anorexia – a adviser to sufferers and their families R. L Palmer 1980). My own Mother was grossly ample at the time of my activity and I beheld her as addition who was absolutely out of ascendancy with no account for herself. This was a actual abrogating view, one which I could not see in myself at the alternative end of the spectrum! Effects on families and accompany For parents and others who are abutting to a actuality who is trapped central the activity of anorexia, there can assume like there is no escape. It is difficult for them to accept and empathise with cocky annihilative behaviours. It becomes extrememly cutting to see a admired one crumbling abroad whilst abnegation offers of aliment which assume such a tantalisingly simple band-aid to the problem. Animosity of helplesness and answerability set in, forth with frustration, acrimony and despair. (Quote from my Mum from 1991). My Mother set about criticising my ‘ridiculous behaviour’ in a bid to alarm me into bistro this abandoned served to accomplish me added bent to empower myself with what had angry from cocky acquisition behaviour into cocky annihilative behaviour and ultimately formed a cocky acquisition behaviour in my Mother. Jane Ovington - Chrysalis North2A - Tutor , Steven Lucas, folio 5 of 9 Treatment The abstraction of actuality ‘cured’ of Anorexia by the dead is usually absolutely abominable because what that ‘cure’ implies is that they will eat added food, put on added weight and become fat, the actual affair they are aggravating to avoid! Therefore, Anorexia has to be accustomed as a botheration by the dead afore able analysis can booty place. Traditionaly the ataxia is advised with a aggregate of abandoned psychotherapy and ancestors analysis to attending above the basal affair of aliment assimilation and abode the affecting issues that affirm the ataxia application a psychodynamic approach. Important ethical considerations It is important for therapists to accede that Anorexia Nervosa, although starts out as a cocky acquisition behaviour, it’s after-effects advance to abounding austere medical altitude which can ambit from malnutrition, accident of absorption and accident of periods to absolute agency abortion and death. Accordingly a therapist should never aim to amusement the activity alone, but any cerebral action to amusement the basal causes should booty abode alongside adapted medical care. Any therapists alive with an anorexic applicant would consistently charge accounting medical accord and specialist administration and should be accomplished in this acreage of work. However, associates of the sufferers ancestors and abutting accompany may additionally account from analysis to abode any stress, all-overs and answerability surrounding the affair and in the absence of any alternative contraindications, medical accord for this accumulation would not be necessary. The psychodynamic access The psychodynamic access will appearance the audience behaviour as actuality acquired from some centralized conflict, motive or benumbed force. Once it is apparent area this action began the therapist can set about alive through those issues to a resolution. Jane Ovington - Chrysalis North2A - Tutor , Steven Lucas, folio 6 of 9 Generally, it is believed that if behaviours are discontinued afterwards acclamation the basal motives that are active them, afresh a backsliding will occur. During my action with Anorexia, I was hospitalised and fed to access my anatomy weight. I ate agreeably and was bound advised convalescent and absolved from the hospital. However, I had advisedly manipulated the bearings with the appearance that the eventually I could ‘escape’ the quicker I could get aback on with the job. Demography control, to accompany aback the feel acceptable animosity and the faculty of empowerment that meant alike added to me afterwards accepting been ‘overpowered’ in the hospital. Clearly this analysis was actual ineffective. Later I approved advice through a therapist who, application a psychodynamic approach, was able to booty me aback through the afterlife of my acquaintance and accord with the affliction in an adapted way. This eventually helped me to let go of authoritative my aliment assimilation as a way of ambidextrous with these suppressed emotions. Behavioural affection in the psychodynamic access are beheld as expressions of the patient's basal needs. Generally issues can abandon or lie abeyant with the achievement of alive through these issues. However, a psychodynamic access to anorexia is not all encompassing. During the accretion process, anorexics will frequently ache from animosity of agitation as they apprentice to abate their control. As weight is gained, they will feel afraid abundant of the time and ache from low cocky admire or conceivably alike feel that they are a 'bad' actuality and accept to become a 'people pleaser' to accomplish up for it. Anorexics are actual generally perfectionists and can be actual acrid on themselves. All these things accumulated can accomplish the action of accretion a actual stressful, afraid and cocky acrimonious acquaintance (My own experience). A cerebral behavioural analysis access may best accommodated the needs of a applicant activity this way. Anorexics are generally not absolutely acquainted of the antecedent account of the activity and analysis may be a way to Jane Ovington - Chrysalis North2A - Tutor , Steven Lucas, folio 7 of 9 lift the lid off of active affections to accredit sufferers to accord with their basal emotions. During the anchor of the ataxia the over-riding affect acquainted is abhorrence and this abhorrence over rides the body's accustomed acumen about aliment and eating, the dead distrusts themselves and fears that their 'secret acquisitive self' may appear and they will lose ascendancy completely. The dead will abhorrence their 'secret acquisitive self' and cerebral behavioural analysis would be a admired apparatus in rebuilding cocky trust, convalescent cocky esteem, and advantageous abhorrence and all-overs that arises through the action of recovery. Cerebral behavioural analysis (CBT) is a time-limited and focused access that helps a actuality accept how their cerebration and abrogating self-talk and self-image can anon appulse their bistro and abrogating behaviours. CBT usually focuses on anecdotic and altering abortive anticipation patterns, attitudes and behavior that may bolster the sufferers akin eating. A researcher in the aboriginal 1980’s by the name of Chris Fairburn developed a specific archetypal of CBT to advice in the analysis of Anorexia, application the acceptable foundations of CBT analysis – allowance a actuality understand, analyze and change their aberrant thoughts (the ‘cognitive’ part) and allowance a actuality accomplish the changes absolute through specific behavioural interventions such as announcement advantageous bistro behaviours through rewards. (http://psychcentral. com/lib/2006/treatment-for-anorexia/all/1/) Strengths and weaknesses It is bright to see that both approaches are somewhat defective and a multi-model access should be taken to ensure success. The psychodynamic archetypal will bare the antecedent account of the behaviour and acclamation these issues will go a continued way against a accustomed outcome. However, it does not abode the consecutive abrogating anticipation processes that accumulate the dead a captive aural the condition. This is article that a CBT access can auspiciously abode but a CBT access could abort to anticipate a backsliding if the basal affidavit for the abrogating cocky allocution are not uncovered. Both treatments calm will authority added backbone in continued appellation success, but neither seeks to abode comestible issues, aliment accompanying affection or abysmal built-in behavioural rituals of the bistro disorder. Jane Ovington - Chrysalis North2A - Tutor , Steven Lucas, folio 8 of 9 Summary Anorexia although initially can be beheld as a cocky acquisition behaviour, is a complicated and mulit-faceted acreage and I would apprehend a constant and continued advance of analysis that may focus on a psychodynamic access alongside actuality centred counselling, alongside cerebral behavioural therapy, alongside adapted medical intervention. Hypnotherapy may additionally be acclimated to advance cocky esteem, abate accent and anxiety, arresting with agitation and aplomb architecture to advice the dead relax levels of ascendancy and resume a added advantageous accord with themselves. As the anorexic begins to achieve assurance in themselves and their body, they can activate to feel aback in ascendancy of their affections and thoughts, appropriately abbreviation their levels of all-overs and allowance against a accustomed recovery. Ultimately, the clip of analysis has to be set by the applicant and the applicant has to accept to the botheration in the aboriginal abode afore any blazon of analysis can begin. References: I alone suffered from this ataxia from the ages of 17-21 and some of the advice acclimated has been based on my own adventures and that of my Parents. (Chrysalis Year 2 Module 5) R. L Palmer – Anorexia Nervosa. A adviser for sufferers and their families. Penguin Books 1980 (http://ehealthmd. com/content/what-anorexia-nervosa http://psychcentral. com/lib/2006/treatment-for-anorexia/all/1/) Jane Ovington - Chrysalis North2A - Tutor , Steven Lucas, folio 9 of 9 any blazon of analysis can begin. has to be set by the applicant and the applicant has to accept to the botheration in the aboriginal abode before

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