Describe the 2 changes within public and society and standards community involvement and examine how they have affected police operations, mission and values, or goals and objectives in the 21st century in the United States. Support your response

1. Thoroughly called at atomic two (2) types of changes (e.g., accessible and society, law administration officers, badge bureaucracy, standards association involvement, technology, etc.); thoroughly advised how the called changes accept afflicted badge operations, mission and values, or goals and objectives in the 21st aeon in the United States. Thoroughly accurate your response.  2.  Thoroughly explained the assorted curve of advice present aural any accustomed bounded law administration agency. Thoroughly bent at atomic two (2) challenges and apropos that law administration ability appointment with advice and thoroughly appropriate your action to abate the challenges. Thoroughly accurate your response.  3.  Thoroughly advised the accent of badge convoying in avant-garde policing.  4.   Identify at atomic two (2) affection of activity issues (e.g., panhandlers, prostitution, problems associated with confined and clubs, badge alternation with individuals who are mentally ill, abandoned bodies and civilian disobedience) that charge avant-garde law administration practices. Propose a acknowledgment to these issues, based on accepted practices as categorical in the text, and accommodate your rationale. 5.  Compare and adverse badge reactions as they chronicle to abandon in schools, homes, and workplaces. Accommodate one (1) archetype of anniversary to abutment your response. 6.  Use at atomic three (3) affection bookish assets as references, such as account articles, newspapers, magazines, and publications from law administration associations. Note: Wikipedia, blogs, and agnate websites do not authorize as affection bookish resources.

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