**********************RUBRIC******************* You charge acknowledgment the afterward questions in your midterm paper! Policy Framework – Acknowledgment the afterward questions in your paper) 1. Analyze botheration or affair (be specific) a. Create a botheration account (frame the botheration in a way that lends itself to abeyant action solutions) b. Synthesize abstracts on the characteristics of botheration or issue i. accountability of bodies afflicted (how abounding bodies it affects) ii. abundance (how often) iii. severity (how austere the botheration is) iv. ambit (the ambit of outcomes it affects) * (does it account or accord to cancer, stroke, affection attacks, obesity, etc.) v. analyze the bread-and-butter impact vi. analyze any gaps in data 2. Analyze and call adapted action solutions a. Assess action options i. Research accessible action options and accommodate at atomic two of them in your paper. If alone one action advantage exists, accommodate it and accompaniment that there are not any added action options. If no action options currently exist, accompaniment this and accomplish action recommendations. If action options exist, but are not included, acceptance will accept credibility deducted. ii. Review abstract on affair and cite, analysis best practices, and do an ecology browse to accept what others are doing. In alternative words, acquisition out what programs, policies, regulations, and/or laws abide to abode this issue, call what is actuality done and by whom. iii. How accept these options impacted anguish and mortality? iv. What is the amount to apparatus these policies? b. Prioritize action option(s)  i. Analyze the action you accept called to abode your affair and accompaniment why. (Was it added financially feasible?  Did it accept the accomplished appulse on anguish and mortality?) While you may accommodate added than one action advantage or action to abode this issue, I animate you to baddest one if possible. 3. Develop a action for acceptance of a action solution a. Analyze your action for accepting the action adopted and how the action will operate i. Analyze key stakeholders and your action for agreeable them (stakeholders can be companies, organizations, schools, non-profits, students, parents, etc.) ii. Call how the action will accomplish and what was is bare for action achievement (financial resources, stakeholders, incentives, continuing adjustment from a physician, etc.) iii. Call what you accept the concise and abiding impacts of this action will be. Read folio 15 of this.  It outlines behavior to abode the bread-and-butter issues you accept in your paper.  It's not that bodies don't appetite to work. Keisha Antoine , Oct 25 at 6:44pm : I'd like you to assignment on resubmiting this.  The abstracts is okay, but I anticipate you charge to focus on either adults or academy students?  Since so abundant of your cardboard is focused on issues accompanying to adulthood, I anticipate you should focus on adults.  You charge to add some abundant advice about your ambition citizenry to your accomplishments data.  I anticipate you are on the appropriate clue with attention to the affidavit why AA are disturbing with brainy illness.  Everything avalanche afar with attention to the action section.  You accept to baddest and abode about 2 behavior that abode the issues you're talking about, again you accept to say which one you'd like to implement.  You alone charge to select/prioritize one policy!!!!  Then you charge say who would apparatus it.  When we are talking about ample bread-and-butter behavior that would be needed, you are acceptable talking about behavior on a federal on accompaniment level.  Again, apprehend folio 15 of the adapter and carbon the action section.  After accomplishing this correctly, you will be able to apperceive  or acquisition what the amount would be to apparatus them.  You will additionally apperceive it's appulse on anguish and mortality

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