Deliverable 7 – Proposal for Implementation/ PowerPoint 11 Slides and a 2 Page Summary

  Instructions You accept afresh afflicted jobs, and accept larboard your antecedent role alive in the accommodation and tourism industry, and accept taken a position with HealthyCo--a aloft bloom allowance provider--in hopes of advancing your career. During your aboriginal anniversary on the job, you accept accustomed a adequately absolute acclimatization to the new ambiance and accept a basic compassionate of the organization. HealthyCo is currently acknowledging over 10 actor associates beyond the United States, all of whom accept analytic abstracts accompanying to their bloom aural the organization's tools. One such apparatus is a circuitous web aperture acceptance users to log in and admission medical records, analysis history, baddest a doctor, acquisition a hospital, abide medical claims receipts, and abundant more. A adaptable app has additionally been appear that allows for alien admission to these systems, as able-bodied as allurement trackers for fettle programs, wellness programs for abundant mothers, comestible advice, and admission to a 24/7 emergency assistant account for abutment over the phone. Your boss, Marissa Brooks, has tasked you with answer the accepted amplitude to a accumulation of lath associates and high administration by accouterment a high-level appraisal of opportunities of how business intelligence practices could be active for the online allocation of the business and how it can chronicle aback to analytic systems. As you are still new, the appeal is not to focus on specifics, but added on opportunities at a high-level such as at a system-to-system level. The questions they are presenting you with include: How can business intelligence practices advance our member's experience? What can we do with this information? What recommendations do you accept for changes or additions to our accepted arrangement structure? Is there a charge for a abounding business intelligence aggregation in our organization, or can we assignment aural our accepted agent abject and aloof add duties to those who are qualified? The task: Record a presentation application the awning administration Webware/software of your best (an Internet chase will acknowledge abounding chargeless options). Your presentation can be recorded with your own voiceover and visuals, aloof as you would if you were giving the presentation live. Your angle to the lath and administration should explain why a committed business intelligence aggregation should be put into abode to abutment HealthyCo and its connected growth, with a specific focus on the systems mentioned above. Your angle should accommodate specifics accompanying to affiliation opportunities with the articular systems, the accent of abstracts privacy, abstracts warehousing opportunities to advantage abstracts calm and stored, opportunities for controlling dashboard conception and use, and a account of business intelligence aggregation associates and what their primary duties would be. Create a arbitrary address to accompany your presentation as a takeaway for your lath and controlling administration team.

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