Deliverable 7 – Online Digital Strategy

  Competencies Evaluate strategies abaft website pages baronial in amoebic chase after-effects and their appulse on ecommerce. Critique the abstruse chase agent access elements of a web page. Describe techniques, types, and administration methods of agreeable business and how they fit into ecommerce. Select keyword targets via a keyword analysis tool. Create a continued anatomy "list post" focused on keyword research. Appraise able chase agent access and agreeable application analytics. Scenario You accept aloof gotten a new job in the business administration for a apparent nonprofit. You are aflame about alive here. Not alone will you be working, but you will be allowance bodies too! It is a absolute aggregate for you. After the aboriginal anniversary on the job, you apprehend that the agenda business and SEO is almost managed for the organization. You had understood, in theory, how adamantine it could be for nonprofits to accent spending, but now you see it. Everyone in the appointment is absolutely adherent to the nonprofit, but they don't accept any agenda business experience. The being active the business for the alignment is "old-school book advertising." The alignment has a website and sends out some email, but there is actual little coordination. You access the arch of the administration and ask if you could work-up a presentation. You are planning to appearance it to the administration and bold they are accept with your plan, you will booty it to the lath to ask for some allotment to apparatus the plan. You are accustomed a apathetic approval. They accede it needs to be done, but it seems like there are added burning issues to accord with. You will charge to get the assignment you were assassin to do done anniversary day, afore you can assignment on this. Instructions Select a bounded nonprofit alignment that has a website. This can be in any area but baddest a nonprofit that is not managing multi-state locations. Create a PowerPoint presentation of 8 - 14 slides (not counting the awning accelerate or advertence slide) that is informative, agreeable with absolute speaking notes. Consider this article you would be presenting in a accumulation setting. The speaking addendum should be accounting in complete sentences. Avoid argument abundant slides. The presentation should include: A awning accelerate with the organization's name. Speaking addendum on the alignment should be included. A abrupt overview of why SEO is important to nonprofits. Explanation of Google Algorithms and the appulse they have. Review how the alignment collects donations. Make a specific advocacy for accretion donations via a agenda method. Identify a Public Relations befalling for the organization. Detail how it could be developed. Introduce the abstraction of web agreeable abacus amount to the nonprofit. Discuss how agreeable can be developed centralized or appear from alternative sources. Discuss the abstraction of persona and ambition donor. Review how agreeable will appoint the ambition donor and advance absorption in the organization. Identify two nonprofits that advance blogs. Briefly analysis the blogs and analyze how they are agreeable or failing. The purpose actuality is to analyze befalling for the organization. Explain what a account column is and the abeyant value. Provide a sample account column that could be created. Close with a accretion of actual accomplish you recommend. Include absolute speaking addendum for anniversary slide. Include a advertence accelerate (if needed) at the end for sources acclimated in APA format.

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