Deliverable 7 – Evaluating and AIS

  Competencies Value the accent of advice technology to accountants. Assess accounting advice systems. Design the accomplish to absolve an advice arrangement initiative. Synthesize adapted and able use of technology for managing accounting and banking advice flows and presentation. Evaluate the threats and risks associated with accounting advice systems. Explore adapted capacity in accounting advice systems to accommodate the appulse of globalization and a bunch business presence. Scenario Information Your company, Swift Athletics is a about held, mid-sized manufacturer, with $20 actor dollars in anniversary revenue. You aftermath high-end active shoes alone in the US. You are planning to advertise your articles internationally aural the abutting two years. You accomplish in a angular environment, and your supplier monitors your raw abstracts needs, and shipments are fabricated JIT. Assume that you are the Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) for the company. The aggregation is about held; therefore, it charge chase all advertisement requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The aggregation is accretion rapidly and has outgrown its advice system. You accept been accustomed the appointment of evaluating and advising a applicable accounting advice arrangement band-aid for the accounting and banking data. Your final angle will be delivered to the Chief Controlling Officer (CEO) and Chief Advice Officer (CIO). You charge be able to abutment your angle with adapted research. Instructions To complete this project: Articulate the amount of an AIS and how it can be acclimated to facilitate advance at Swift. Analyze the departments/functions of a architect like Swift that will advance the AIS, and how the departments will interact. Prepare a arbitrary that identifies the departments listed above, a weakness or blackmail for anniversary department, account of why the weakness exists, and the accomplish that you will apparatus in your new arrangement to abode the weakness issues. Note: An archetype of a weakness or blackmail in the accepted balance and advertisement arrangement ability be an crooked acknowledgment of banking statements. Controls to acknowledge to this weakness or blackmail accommodate admission controls and encryption. You may ambition to present this advice in a table for your presentation. While the counterbalanced agenda is not a new concept, it does action a framework acceptance managers to admeasurement an enterprise's achievement from four categories: financial, customer, business processes, and acquirements and growth. The counterbalanced agenda considers both banking and nonfinancial measures. After researching the counterbalanced scorecard, for anniversary of the four categories, analyze at atomic one analytical success agency for Swift to accomplish actor value. As allotment of the planning action for your new accounting advice system, you charge to adapt flowcharts. This clear will present the breeze of advice through the accounting cycles. Adapt flowcharts for at atomic two business departments/functions for Swift. Anniversary flowchart should be detailed, and accept the adapted symbols for anniversary process. Also, anticipate your way through the processes from alpha to end. For example, how is sales acquirement defined, such as back is it advised earned? The afterward are the business processes that you may accept to address: Sales Purchasing Production Payroll Please agenda that you will accept two audible flowcharts for this assignment. Be abiding your flowcharts are professionally presented and acutely labeled. What are the accomplish you will booty to absolve the new advice arrangement initiative? What charge be advised for Swift? How will you appraise the banking implications? What is the appulse on the AIS of globalization and a bunch business presence? How will adapted and able use of technology for managing the accounting and banking advice flows and presentation be affected? Evaluate the threats and risks associated with the accounting advice arrangement for Swift. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation forth with an controlling arbitrary to be delivered to the CEO and CIO which includes the advice in 1-7 above. Be artistic in your slides by accumulation charts, graphs, and/or artwork. Your PowerPoint presentation should activate with an addition as to why the activity is actuality considered, and achieve with the amount of the project. Incorporate accelerate addendum area needed. Accommodate an APA formatted advertence accelerate and in-text citation area appropriate.

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