Deliverable 7 – Consumer Behavior in Action

Competencies Evaluate the role customer behavior plays in marketing. Analyze the appulse an individual's perception, personality and attitude accept on customer behavior. Analyze the appulse that alien ecology factors and ability accept on customer behavior. Examine the controlling action and its access on customer behavior. Assess company-controlled factors and behavior that amplitude customer actions. Design affecting business action based on customer behavior insights. Scenario After alive in the industry for a few years, you accept absitively to accomplish the bound and become an absolute consultant. You accept landed your aboriginal client, Plush and Easy Backyard Furniture, a architect of backyard furniture. You conducted analysis on the industry and acclaimed bazaar share, trends, industry statistics and all-embracing accomplishments advice to be best able for your new client’s needs. Plush and Easy Backyard Appliance would like you to advice them accomplish their business goals. Geoffrey Holder, the Director of Marketing, is attractive for your ability in allowance Plush and Easy Backyard Appliance actualize a absolute angel for a new artefact line. He is additionally absorbed in what aspects of customer behavior would advice the salesforce access sales. He would like to present your account at his abutting business meeting. Plush and Easy Backyard Appliance is introducing a new band of alfresco furniture. The appliance will be marketed to upscale, burghal households with 3-4 ancestors members. The amount varies from $500-$1200. Geoffrey asks you to analysis the band and advance account to access its accepting in the exchange based on your consulting expertise. You bethink account about the accent of creating favorable cast adventures and strategies to access the amount of acceptance of a new line. Additionally, Plush and Easy Backyard Appliance affairs to acquaint the new band of alfresco appliance to advisers at a company-wide affair to drive absorption and action in the product. Geoffrey asks your abetment with account they can apparatus to enhance their acceptability as a socially absent firm. Because Geoffrey’s acquaintance in creating presentations is limited, he has asked you to accommodate your recommendations in a presentation that he can use as the base for his own presentation. As allotment of your presentation, accommodate means to actualize awareness, absorption and sales of the new band of alfresco furniture. Instructions In an controlling arbitrary to Geoffrey Holder, the Director of Marketing, accommodate the afterward advice he will use to present to his business team. Explain the accent of customer behavior analysis and how it will advice Plush and Easy Backyard Appliance accomplish its business goals. Include trends impacting the advance of the alfresco appliance bazaar and the appulse on Plush and Easy Backyard Furniture. Include an archetype of a favorable cast acquaintance from a acknowledged firm. Recommend one way Plush and Easy Backyard Appliance can actualize a allusive cast experience. Your advocacy charge be specific. Explain how ancestors associates and neighbors access acquirement decisions for backyard furniture. Absorb your thoughts into the areas amusing factors, subculture and amusing class. Explain the abstraction of cerebral antagonism and how Plush and Easy can abate column acquirement conflict. Recommended a action and explain how it reduces cerebral dissonance. It is time for the company-wide meeting. Prepare a presentation to acquaint the new band of backyard furniture. Geoffrey Holder can absorb the afterward advice into his presentation: Prepare an overview of the backyard and appliance market. Describe the acceptance action and explain what Plush and Easy Backyard Appliance can do during anniversary of the bristles stages to enhance the success of its new band of alfresco furniture. Explain two artefact characteristics that advice access the amount of adopting a new artefact amid consumers. Accommodate characteristics with examples of what Plush and Easy Backyard Appliance can do to access the amount of adoption. Introduce an archetype of a action the close can accept which is in band with its adapted acceptability for amusing responsibility, ambiance friendliness, or admiration to the consumer. Provide a blackmailer business affairs for Plush and Easy with capacity on how the affairs increases awareness, interest, and sales.

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