Deliverable 6 – Software and Technology Strategies

  Competency Analyze altered software systems and technology strategies acclimated in accumulation alternation management Scenario You are a anew assassin Inferior Analyst at Mitchell Consulting, a close that specializes in accouterment authoritative ability in accumulation alternation management. You are assigned as a abutment role to a chief consultant. Your role does not acquiesce you to accomplish selections for clients, but you will be evaluated for approaching advance based aloft your assignment in the inferior analyst role. You are assigned to new a client, Michael's Medical Devices (MMD). Your manager, Chief Analyst Andrea Sims, has directed you to assignment on this case and accommodate assay and options to boldness the problems. Skip Michaels founded Michael's Medical Devices in 2001, afterwards designing a surgical apparatus to accomplish a specific assignment during pancreas surgery. Aback then, MMD has created abundant added accoutrement and medical solutions. Skip has contacted Mitchell Consulting to abetment in devising a plan to access the accommodation of MMD by employing technology to advance the operations of the company. He has been account about ERP and CRM systems and is acquisitive to advantage technology to abutment accepted advance in revenues. MMD's contempo accelerated advance consistent from a new accessory that was patented and alien has resulted in bargain ability to aftermath and bear artefact orders. This abortion to accomplish orders in the ahead accomplished timelines is abnormally impacting chump satisfaction. Skip and his sales aggregation accept been the key agency in developing abiding relationships with doctors and medical schools to analyze and accommodate accessory solutions for specific medical procedures. MMD sales exceeded $2 Billion and 10,000 units aftermost year. Acquirement forecasts with the new artefact band are accepted to beat 3% annualized acquirement advance for the abutting 5 years. The accepted computer arrangement is a accumulating of earlier PC's that are affiliated through a three-year old server network. The afterward departments accept their own networks. Anniversary of the systems was the best technology aback implemented. Production and Purchasing Departments: Upgraded to new SCM (Supply Alternation Management) accouterments and software 3 years ago, currently active at 50% capacity. Many options of the arrangement are not currently activated aback a accepted ERP arrangement is not in use that allows connectivity with Marketing, Sales, Logistics, and HR. Marketing and Sales Departments: Share the aforementioned system, which consists of three 8 year old PC's networked with anniversary other. Daily adjustment letters are emailed on a spreadsheet to the Production, Purchasing, and Logistics departments to admit adjustment fulfillment. The sales administration is application an 8-year old sales tracking software affairs to clue all chump contacts. Human Assets Department: Uses a 10-year old arrangement that was the best-rated arrangement aback purchased. HR currently schedules activity needs for all departments based aloft actual abstracts and account sales reports. HR is not able to interface anon with the SCM arrangement acclimated by Production and Purchasing due to non-compatible operating systems. Recently, scheduling of advisers and assets has resulted in apathetic adjustment accomplishment and chump dissatisfaction. Customer annoyance is not accepted throughout the organization. Based on Skip's assay in accumulation alternation publications, he believes that a accompaniment of the art CRM would abundantly advance the alignment of all departments to a accepted purpose, and would advance chump achievement aback to an adequate level. Skip accumulated a cardinal of trusted individuals in his alignment to assay the options they have. His Capital Procurement Committee has bent that they accept three options to accomplish Skip's vision: Upgrade the absolute ERP arrangement with absolute server and some new software and hardware. Purchasing new centralized servers and software. Outsourcing with a billow based ERP systems provider. Instructions Create a accounting angle to the Capital Procurement Committee with your assay and recommendations to abetment in their alternative of a new ERP system. Accommodate the afterward in your accounting proposal: Outline the key apparatus and allowances of an able ERP arrangement in accumulation alternation strategy Identify accoutrement to apply in assay and alternative of a new ERP system Prioritize factors to accede in alternative of one of the three proposed options Present the three options to accommodate software and arrangement suggestions for anniversary of three options; to accommodate at atomic ERP and CRM Resources For abetment on creating a presentation, amuse appointment the Rasmussen College Answers page. For added autograph assistance, amuse appointment the Rasmussen College Autograph Guide. Review the Accumulation Alternation and Logistics Administration subpage of the School of Business Guide for recommended assay databases and resources: Articles of absorption may be begin in the Business Source Complete or Business via ProQuest databases.

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