Deliverable 6 – Managing Diversity

Competency Analyze the accent of managing a assorted workforce. Scenario Information You accept been assassin as the Human Resources Director for a all-around alignment that is headquartered in the United States. Your job is to appraise and accomplish recommendations in the breadth of assortment for your company. Each area will accommodate specific areas aural assortment for you to focus on. You will be tasked with allotment from one of the assortment areas that are provided to you. Be abiding to conduct analysis application the university library and alternative accordant sources. Diversity Areas (Select one, and abide to use for all modules) Race Gender Sexual orientation Religion Ethnicity Instructions As the Director of Human Resources, the CEO and alternative controlling leaders accept requested you to architecture a training affair on "Best Practices" for managers on assortment in the workplace. You will charge to actualize and almanac your presentation to be included in your company's online training platform. You can use any Webware/software of your allotment for the articulation recording. In your training guidelines, you will appetite to abode the afterward areas: Introduce assortment accent to managers. Assess some accepted mistakes or problems that may appear if administration of assortment is not used. Provide suggestions for best practices managers can booty abroad from the training. Conclude your training.

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