Deliverable 6 – Create a Presentation on Healthcare Innovation Strategies, Technology Improvement, Quality, and Cost in the 21st-Century

  Competency Apply attempt of authoritative learning, innovation, and change in healthcare organizations. Instructions As the baton of this healthcare organization, you accept been arrive to a healthcare appointment to altercate authoritative learning, innovation, and change in healthcare organizations. You are requested to accord a presentation on your organization's changes for improvement, acquirements methods active in the change process, and what innovations your alignment acclimated for the improvements. You are presented with the afterward capacity to complete your presentation. Explain the concepts of authoritative acquirements in a healthcare setting. Cover at atomic three concepts with an archetype of each. Outline accomplish acclimated to actualize addition in a healthcare ambience in the face of a backward marketplace. Accommodate a minimum of three accomplish with examples. Discuss the cutting charge for connected change in a healthcare setting; accommodate examples.  On a abstracted slide, accommodate references in APA format. NOTE - APA formatting and able grammar, punctuation, and anatomy are required. APA advice is accessible from this articulation - APA. If you are new to creating a PowerPoint presentation, appointment the afterward chargeless tutorial websites: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 Tutorial PowerPoint 2013

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