Deliverable 5 – Business Management and Digital Fluency 6-8Pages

   Competency Evaluate the role business technology plays in authoritative business decisions. Scenario As a CEO, you accept the accent of technology and the appulse arising technologies accept on organizations. You apprehend that in contempo years, arising technologies accept been on the rise. As a baton in your organization, it's your cold to access the acquaintance of these technologies and how they appulse the adeptness of your alignment to accomplish key business decisions. Create an Executive Arbitrary for the VPs of your alignment that explains how arising trends in technology can advice accomplish key business decisions in all functions of the alignment (IT, Sales/Marketing, R&D, and HR). Instructions Create an Executive Arbitrary that explains how arising technology trends can advice leaders accomplish key business decisions. In your summary, you will analysis one new technology created in contempo years (e.g., Block chain, Artificial Intelligence, or Bitcoin) that can be utilized in decision making. You will analysis the called new technology, including what it is and how it can be activated aural your organization. Also, aural the Executive Arbitrary you will acknowledgment the afterward questions: How do arising technologies appulse agenda delivery aural organizations? What is the appulse of technology disparities on agenda fluency? What role does business technology comedy in a leader’s adeptness to accomplish able business decisions? Your Executive Arbitrary should accommodate references that accommodate real-world examples and accommodate APA citations area appropriate. NOTE - Be abiding the certificate displays able grammar, spelling, punctuation, and book structure.

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