Deliverable 4 – Action Plan for Responding to Negative Online Reviews

Competency Explore analytic abilities for business analysis. Scenario You administer a bounded alternation restaurant that is accepted for its burgers. The restaurant is amid on the bend of a above circle in a burghal neighborhood. There are abounding choices in the breadth for a bargain meal that is ancestors friendly. With so abounding options available, you appetite to be abiding that you abide competitive. As a result, you afresh absitively to accomplish a few changes to the menu. You added absolutely a few new items and took abroad a few that weren’t so popular. Your accepted administrator consistently checks your store’s online reviews to see what your barter are saying. She fabricated you acquainted that afresh your online reviews accept been beneath than positive. She provided you with reviews from your website and asked that you abridge the allegation and actuate abutting steps. While your sales don’t assume to be slipping, she wants you to assay the ratings and reviews so that you can proactively abode areas that charge attention. The reviews and ratings are as follows: Comments Stars out of 5 Great burgers 3 My waitress was absolutely nice 4 My soup was cold 1 My bloom was wilted 1 We were built-in actual quickly 3 The carpeting was filthy 2 The aliment was horrible, but the administrator comped the meal 3 Food was ok for archetypal bar food 3 There is too abundant to accept from on the menu 2 Really kid friendly 4 There was a delay to be built-in and the hostess brought my four year old crayons and cardboard to accumulate her busy! 5 The abode is accepted for their burgers. They should stick to that. Their pizza was abhorrent and overpriced! 1 Bathrooms charge some austere attention! Gross! 1 Our aide slipped us a buy one, get one advertisement afore we paid the bill. Sweet!! 4 You accept advised the abstracts and accept absitively that assay is adapted in adjustment to accent the areas of concern. The abstracts will additionally acquiesce you to appraise what is activity adapted in your restaurant. You and your accepted administrator accede that this exercise is acute to break aggressive in an already saturated market.InstructionsYou accept absitively to accommodate your accepted administrator with a step-by-step activity plan, in Microsoft Word, that provides the roadmap acclimated to assay the abstracts to ensure the abstracts you accomplished are valid. You will be ambidextrous with both quantitative and qualitative data. As you abode your plan, be abiding you explain your assay method, altitude scale, results, and abutting accomplish based on your results. In an anterior statement, briefly explain why the assay of these ratings and reviews is important. Step 1 – Contrast the two altered types of abstracts begin in the ratings and reviews and how both will be acclimated in your analysis. Step 2 – Describe the assay adjustment and altitude calibration you will be application to adapt the ratings and reviews. Be abiding to accommodate an assay of the method, and why it is adapted in this case. Step 3- Illustrate your coding action by announcement a table with the ethics ascribed to your qualitative data. Step 4 – Explain whether you activated mean, median, or approach ethics to your quantitative data. Accommodate a description why your best best reflects the all-embracing chump appraisement of your restaurant, what the amount is, and a bump of breadth you would like the appraisement to be in 6 months. Step 5 – Create a table, chart, or blueprint application Excel that shows your qualitative assay after-effects and analyze the top two chump apropos to be addressed. Also, accommodate the breadth breadth barter are best satisfied. Be abiding to add the blueprint in the adapted abode in the Word document. Step 6 – Abode two recommendations to abode chump concerns.

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