Deliverable 3 – The Best Leader

This adequacy will acquiesce you to explain and analyze assorted administration theories. Instructions The aggregation you assignment for has asked you to adapt a certificate that categorizes administration theories. Assume this certificate will serve as a advertence to bound analyze and explain the differences amid administration theories. This certificate will accept two parts: Prepare a table in Word or Excel anecdotic at atomic bristles Administration Theories (e.g., Situational Administration Theory) in the aboriginal corpuscle of anniversary row. The afterward columns should action 3-5 distinctions (variables/traits) amid the capricious theories. For example, advantages and disadvantages of anniversary approach could be two of the columns. Hint: For your Word certificate or Excel sheet, Rows are accumbent breeze (left to right) and Columns are vertical (up and down). In the aboriginal corpuscle in anniversary row, account the Administration Approach (identify at atomic five). The alternative 3-5 columns are your choice. Anything you can analyze or adverse amid the theories will work. In a one-page report, call the best baton you accept formed for by answering the afterward questions: What theories of administration do you anticipate were best important to this baton and how did this baton accomplish able use of them? As a leader, which theories would you two accept in common, and which theories would you not use and why?

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