Deliverable 3 – Enhancing Messages with Visuals

  Competency Investigate and adapt abode beheld media advice to enhance ability in commutual tasks. Instructions You assignment for a business alignment that has taken on a new client. The new applicant is originally an American aggregation which targets American clients. However, with the accepted trends, this aggregation realizes it needs to extend into all-around operations. Your assignment is to actualize two logos for this new applicant and abide a video presentation for the business aggregation to review. Actualize an original, American-style logo, and again actualize a added globalized adaptation of that logo. Since best of the company's all-around admirers appear from India, architecture the all-around logo to reflect the beheld preferences that ability abode to that specific all-around audience. When designing the logos, advance the afterward beheld advice elements: Logo size Logo blush scheme Logo symbols/symbolism Logo iconic meaning The business aggregation has defined that the video presentation should be beneath than three account in length, and be created application a awning allotment to appearance both your visuals and audio analysis, and that it be uploaded to YouTube for accessible accessibility. They accept additionally beatific an email advertence the afterward items charge to be addressed: The capital cold is to present your two logos and abode how they strategically and finer use the beheld advice elements itemized. Be abiding to analyze and adverse how abnormally American and Indian ambition audiences may acknowledge to these logos. Discuss why your business alignment should accede the accent of application the beheld elements you visually advised for these logos.  

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