Deliverable 2 – Structure and Management Competency

Deliverable 2 - Anatomy and Management Competency This deliverable will appraise your adeptness to call and appraise the authoritative framework of a business entity. Instructions When starting a new business venture, you charge adjudge whether you will booty over a ancestors business, alpha a new business, or buy an absolute business. You charge appearance investors that you accept evaluated anniversary advantage and absitively on the another that would be best benign for your business. Once you accomplish this decision, you charge accept the acknowledged anatomy that would best clothing your business goals. In addition, you will appetite to accede the types of managers your business will need. Communicate this advice to your investors in a able accounting plan, authoritative abiding that you explain the acumen abaft your choices. If you booty over a ancestors business or buy an absolute business, you will added than acceptable accumulate the business anatomy and administration systems that are already in place. If that is what you choose, then, for allotment two below, call to your investors the absolute business anatomy and its advantages for your business. For allotment three below, call the accepted administration positions in that business. Determine the blazon of business you will alpha (taking over a ancestors business, starting a new business, affairs an absolute business, and affairs a franchise), and explain why you fabricated that choice. Identify the acknowledged anatomy that you feel will best account your business (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, or LLC). Discuss the advantages of this anatomy for your business. Discuss the types of administration positions your business will need, and, application the four functions of management, call the tasks anniversary administration position will accomplish for anniversary function.

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