Deliverable 1 – Managerial Decision Making

Assignment Content Competency Analyze the role of accounting in business operations. Student Success Criteria View the allocation explanation for this deliverable by selecting the “This account is graded with a rubric” link, which is amid in the Details & Information pane. Scenario The Administrator of Accounting is alive on a activity to amend their administration action and procedures manual. The accepted action and action manuals are defective flowcharts as a beheld representation of the procedures in place. Your abetment in commutual the flowchart for the acquittal cancellation action will complete this allocation of the manual. The administrator has asked you to appear a affair with the Accounts Receivable agents and booty the accepted chump acquittal action and transform it into a flow chart to accommodate in the manual. You accomplish the afterward addendum during the affair that accord to the action currently in place: Acquittal is accustomed in the mail Acquittal is arrested adjoin outstanding invoices If the acquittal matches the balance then analysis to see if the bulk matches if both the balance and the amounts bout again the cancellation is recorded and the analysis deposited in the bank if the amounts do not bout then If it is an overpayment, again drop analysis in coffer and address up a acquittance analysis request If it is an underpayment, again drop analysis in bank, and acquaintance chump and appeal added payment If the acquittal does not bout the balance then accelerate archetype of analysis to sales administration to actualize invoice go aback to footfall 3 Instructions Submit your completed flowchart (using Word) to the Administrator of Accounting. Application Microsoft Word, assemble a flowchart that represents the Acquittal Cancellation Process. Your flowchart should: use constant architecture elements and shapes. fit on one folio with all argument actual readable. accomplish abiding that the flowlines are complete and there are no abridged paths.

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