Defining Beauty Through Lucy Grealy’s Autobiography of a Face

The Oxford Dictionary defines adorableness as “a aggregate of qualities, such as shape, color, or anatomy , that pleases the artful senses, abnormally the sight” (“beauty”). In “Autobiography of a Face,” Lucy Grealy expands this analogue by exploring her own estimation of adorableness throughout the assorted stages of her life. As she examines activity afore her diagnosis, she mentions little about adorableness as a agency in her development. She was a “tomboy par excellence”, added anxious with comedy than active afterwards David Cassidy (15). While Grealy is subjected to all-encompassing surgeries and chemotherapy she continues to be aloof with appearances, admitting she was “still befitting myself apprenticed of the capacity of my appearance, of the specific argumentation of it ”(104). She was acquainted of her looks from the taunts and teases of classmates, but remained carefully clumsy to adjudicator herself with the acrid eyes of post-pubescence. It wasn't until Grealy accomplished her aboriginal Halloween that she accomplished aloof what an appulse her affiliation of adorableness had on her. Under the beard of her Eskimo costume, she accomplished “just how acquiescent I'd become, how affected I was about my face until now that it was blocked (120). ” As time goes on, alternative bodies assume to atone for Grealy's abridgement of affair with her odd appearance. Her mother purchases turtlenecks in an accomplishment to allay absorption from the scar. As boyhood accomplished her peers, she accustomed that she “would never accept a boyfriend, that no one would anytime be absorbed in me in that way (159). Grealy accustomed ideal of beauty, throughout her adolescence, apropos alone the adverse of what actualization she could achievement to achieve. This is a activity that can be echoed through the hallways of every aerial academy beyond America, but strikes accurate ambit in Grealy's psyche. It is not until extensive academy that she feels absolutely adequate in her apparent appearance. Sarah Lawrence was a campus area the acceptance were captivated up in asserting their own individuality and camp aesthetic, and Grealy thrived in this environment. Grealy's claimed analogue of adorableness anchored itself in individuality, as she grew aloof with the barmy attributes of the concrete aspect of it. She concludes this beautifully by autograph that association “tells us afresh and afresh that we can best be ourselves by acting and attractive like addition else, alone to leave our aboriginal faces abaft to about-face into ghosts that will accordingly resent and abode us. (222)” Word count: 414 Works Cited: Grealy, Lucy. Autobiography of a Face. New York: Perennial, 2003. Print. "Beauty. " Def. 1. Oxford Dictionary. 2012. Web.

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