defensible solution to neurological disorder

The final cardboard is a absolute altercation absolute a “defensible solution”of  What  facts about acoustic ataxia advice to chronicle the action of analgesic bond tumor/cancers to acoustic dysfunction accurate by the “evidence” of ethical/ cultural application as able-bodied as mathematical/ analytic consideration. Important: this final cardboard should accommodate a anew composed anterior section, and a final cessation area which presents your altercation of (and altercation for) the solution. Your altercation for the condonable band-aid that you adduce should be the focus of this paper.  Your cardboard must: Be 5-7 pages in length  Introduction (1– pages) worked advisory paper(4 pages) Conclusion (1 page) Reference(1 page) Reference 5 scholarly, peer-reviewed assets (compiled by accumulation all of the references from your Perspective of Inquiry affidavit and any added assets you use in this final paper.) Follow all APA formatting guidelines for this paper, with anniversary of your antecedent four affidavit actuality presented as "sections" of this fifth paper, application Level 1 headings.

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