Debate on Female Genital Mutilation

  According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is beheld by some as a acceptable rite of access and others as unnecessary, painful, and adverse procedure. FGM is a cultural attitude in abounding societies area gender asperity is built-in (Ecyclopaedia Britannica). It is sometimes associated with religious traditions. This convenance is still actuality acclimated in abounding countries in the Middle East and Africa. Activists and abounding organizations accept been allurement for able accomplishments to stop this practice. Proponents of this convenance use cultural traditions to absolve it and allege the Western countries of arrest in acceptable practices. As the Ambassador of your country (CAMEROOM) to the African Governments and Politics Class, amuse abstract a one-page (double space) position cardboard that reflects the angle of your country on this issue. You cardboard should appraise the pros and cons of the FGM and accomplish a advocacy as to what the African Union needs to do apropos this practice. 

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