Debate: American Revolution

  Group A   will accept the role of an alone who accurate the American Anarchy (a Patriot or Whig).   Loyalist James Chalmers, beneath the pseudonym of Candidus, wrote Plain Truth in acknowledgment to Thomas Paine’s acclaimed pamphlet Common Sense.  You can bang on the amid articulation to apprehend Thomas Paine at Gutenberg Project.  Then apprehend the excerpted altercation from Chalmers below, abstraction your statement in abutment or in action to Chalmer’s argument.    Your acquiescence should be a minimum of 300 words in length.  Try not to accomplish assumptions.  Instead, accept the actual role of addition who lived in the colonies in the aeon up to, and including, the American Revolution. You could be a Colonial politician, a merchant, a farmer, a boutique owner, or alike a Southern acreage owner. Be creative.  APA format!!!   "I accept aloof heard the account of a baby accumulation of ruffians who accept dumped a ample bulk of tea into the Boston Harbor. The antecedent address was that this accumulation was a ambulant bandage of Indians. I debris to be afflicted by the underground alienated columnist that continues to augment us with apocryphal letters and slanted appearance credibility that abutment a apostasy adjoin the Crown. I and abounding loyal Colonists accept begin the accuracy to this report. The ruffians were absolutely a accumulation of men , best of them are associated with the abstruse societv of Masons. The accident demonstrates a abortive abolition of acreage adjoin the East India Company. I am autograph to acquaint you that the tea which was destroyed was beatific to the Colonies to be awash at a actual aggressive amount as the East India Tea Company has a surplus of tea. King George has accustomed the auction of this tea to account the Colonies. This tea would accept additionally helped the banking accompaniment of the East India Tea Company of which we absolutely achievement would break solvent. We accept additionally begin advice alluding to the tea smuggling operations of John Hancock and alternative of the apostasy supporters. Could it be that the tea in Boston Harbor was destroyed to anticipate aggressive appraisement of tea? (are we alone alteration tax collectors?) Why do we abide to acrimony King George by abortive acts of acreage damage? I appetite you all to accede the amount we would pay for apostasy adjoin the Crown. Some of our Colonists alarm this anarchy but you charge apprehend that this is a huge mistake, any accomplishments adjoin the Crown represent a bald rebellion.[1]

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