Dear Stella

Dear Stella, I achievement this letter finds you well. I am apologetic about abrogation so abruptly, but I was alleged abroad on burning work. I accept been beatific to Crythin Gifford by Mr. Bentley to appear the burial of Mrs. Alice Drablow, I additionally charge to array admitting all of her acknowledged documents. Mrs. Drablow lived in a aberrant little abode alleged Eel Marsh House. To get out to the abode you charge cantankerous the Nine Lives Causeway, it is abandoned attainable during low tide, contrarily it is covered by water, and impassable. The abode is actual strange, all on it's own on a baby island afar from the blow of the capital land. At aboriginal I anticipation it to be absolutely admirable but it has a alarming if not aphotic ancillary to it. Even Mrs. Drablow was a bit strange, she lives abandoned and no one from the apple will allege of her. When I accustomed Mr. Daily, the bounded landowner, took me to the Gifford Arms area I accept been staying. I went to the burial of Mrs. Drablow, on the way there I saw some academy accouchement and they had aberrant white adhesive faces. Aback I accustomed I noticed that there were actual few bodies there. There was a woman in atramentous clothes with a adhesive white face, which I saw on the way aback to the apple and afresh on Eel Marsh Island. After the burial of I went to Eel Marsh house, to alpha work. Mr. Keckwick took me beyond the causeway on a horse and trap. Aback we accustomed at Eel Marsh Abode Keckwick larboard me and said he would acknowledgment at bristles to aggregate me. I looked about the island; there is an old graveyard with some charcoal of a baby abbey. The names on the gravestones were all abstruse because they were covered with assorted fungi's. While attractive about the graveyard I saw the abstruse Woman in Black, a algid activity came over me like annihilation I had anytime acquainted before, but afore I could access her she ducked abroad beneath a headstone and disappeared. I don't anticipate you should anguish about me I'm accomplished and I'm not afraid about her. She was apparently a bubble of my imagination; the marsh brume was absolutely dense. After that went in to the abode and I started assignment aperture all the windows, to get some light. I searched anticipation the apartment to see what was in ancillary the house. It has an old aged smell, all the appliance is old, and fabricated of able wood. It was about four, so I absitively I would airing aback to Crythin Gifford, Keckwick wouldn't be aback until bristles and the exercise would be acceptable for me. As I started to airing forth the causeway I noticed that it was accepting darker and darker and the brume was cartoon in, the sea brume was blubbery and salty. The added I got from the abode the bigger I felt, but anon I couldn't see it any added because of the mist. I anticipation about axis aback but I would anon accommodated Keckwick and he could booty me the blow of the way. The brume was anon arena tricks on my afterimage and hearing, I could apprehend a pony and allurement advancing a continued the alley to the causeway, and it went silent. I again heard noises of agreeable like addition was drowning, I anticipation this was my imagination, I didn't apperceive how far it was to the alternative ancillary of the causeway and the baptize was ascent fast so I absitively to about-face aback and arch for the house. Aback I got aback I was actual afraid and I was shaking. I sat bottomward in one of the old aged chairs and had a drink, I charge accept collapsed comatose because aback I awoke addition was animadversion on the door, aback I opened it I saw Keckwick and the pony and trap. They were normal, still alive; it charge accept been my acuteness about him drowning. He apologized for not advancing to aces me up but he was clumsy to because of the sea mist, I was unlucky. I achievement that aggregate in London is fine. There is no charge for you to appear bottomward to Crythin Gifford, because I should be abiding soon, I will go aback to Eel Marsh Abode today and break for a brace of canicule to accomplishment all the assignment and accelerate annihilation important aback to Mr. Bentley. Achievement to see you actual soon. Yours Lovingly, Arthur

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