According to Palacio & Theis (2016), the distinct best important prerequisite affairs for aliment assurance is the claimed hygiene of the aliment and cooler handlers. Room account managers are challenged with ensuring the aliment assurance of delivered meals. Apropos accommodate ensuring adapted aliment temperatures are maintained, not alone apropos captivation times, but alteration times as well. It is important for managers to be proactive and put measures in abode to absolute the risks of overextension foodborne affliction due to amiss aliment and beverages by aliment handlers. Review the Learning Activity afore acclamation the Discussion topic. Topic: Cooler and Aliment Safety What are the assurance procedures complex with Room Account (coffee, milkshakes, and bake-apple juices)? What are the aliment captivation apropos for a restaurant administrator apropos hot items against algid items at a restaurant’s cafe brunch? Reference Payne-Palacio, J. & Theis, M. (2016). Foodservice management: Principles and practices (13th ed.). Pearson.

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