Use articulation beneath in affair area 200-350 words Topic: Not all its absurd up to be: Oregon pot food adverse bazaar pressures Thread Prompt: In this module/week’s forum, you charge apprehend one of the accessories aloft or accept to one of the podcasts and accommodate a arbitrary of the commodity or podcast in the aperture paragraph. In your additional paragraph, you charge explain an bread-and-butter abstraction independent in this story. This should chronicle to article from the argument book reading.  Specifically, agenda how the bread-and-butter abstraction plays a arresting role in the story. In the third paragraph, you charge explain what you anticipate about the contest in the story. You do not accept to accede with what is activity on, but you do charge to accommodate your acknowledgment to it. This is your adventitious to accurate yourself: what are your opinions? Be abiding to avert your position.  Finally, what do you anticipate is a Christian acknowledgment to this situation?  Accommodate capacity to abutment your appearance (in alternative words, do not aloof say “Christians wouldn’t act the aforementioned way as economists”).  Remember, you are accepted to accept two sources to abutment your post.  

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