DISCUSSION: FAIR AND EQUITABLE?   As you accept abstruse from the argument and conceivably from your own experiences, characteristics such as gender, culture, socioeconomic status, acquirements styles, disabilities, and at-risk cachet can appulse the means that adults chronicle to and collaborate with children. As a professional, it is basic that you appraise your own attitudes and strive to be fair, equitable, and proactive in your interactions with accouchement and families. Review the "Student Characteristics and Teacher Interaction" breadth (pages 245-266) of your text. Then accede the afterward questions: What are some of the circuitous issues accompanying to gender? What are some of the circuitous issues accompanying to ability and diversity? Do all accouchement accept an according befalling to accomplish in school? Choose two characteristics covered in the breadth you advised that affair you the best in agreement of the abeyant for caitiff analysis of adolescent children.   Post your thoughts with attention to the following: Identify the two characteristics you chose, and explain why anniversary is of appropriate affair to you. Explain how you as a able can apostle for adolescent accouchement and families in anniversary area. Be abiding to additionally explain how you will ensure that your own behavior with attention to anniversary appropriate is fair and candid to accouchement you assignment with and their families.

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