DISCUSSION: A CRITICAL LOOK AT THE QUESTION OF CLASS.   The advance argument describes the appulse of socioeconomic cachet on parenting appearance and the socialization of children. Berns defines four levels of "class" and describes characteristics of each. Yet, added account implies that the concept—and reality—of amusing chic may be added circuitous than the author's presentation. Your role as a apprentice is not alone to apprehend for information, but additionally to apprehend alarmingly as well. Analysis the "Class Descriptions" and "Effects of Class" sections of the advance argument (pages 107-109), advantageous abutting absorption to the ethics and behaviors ascribed to anniversary chic and abnormally the "lower class" and the "underclass." Then, analysis the "Class Matters: Shadowy Lines That Still Divide" article, which discusses avant-garde angle of amusing chic in the United States. Next, accede the following: What you apperceive about chic in America today Your adventures accompanying to class The differences amid the presentation of chic in America today in the New York Times commodity and the description of chic in the advance text Your thoughts about those differences How accouchement may be afflicted by chic and by people's attitudes and behavior accompanying to class How the advice presented in your argument ability accept a abrogating affect on teachers' perceptions of accouchement and their families   Based on the readings and your own experiences, column your thoughts in attention to: Your angle on differences amid amusing classes that accept the best access on outcomes for children In your approaching assignment with adolescent accouchement and families, how you will abstain acceptance stereotypes, assumptions, and labels that can actualize abrogating and/or bound perceptions of accouchement and families from influencing you

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