Hello, I charge to acknowledgment to the two column listed beneath with a minimum of 50 words. Charge to column this afore 11:59pm today. Post#1    According to the assigned article, "When you apprentice something, the academician remembers how you abstruse it and sets up new pathways, and if necessary, new categories, to makefuture acquirements faster" (http://www.virtualsalt.com/libarted.htm). I anticipate that this account is actual capital to the amount development a advanced arts educatiion and in particular, a Christian advanced arts education. Accurate acquirements is not aloof about the assimilation of adeptness and advice but additionally acumen and the adeptness to accomplish the able appliance of that adeptness and information. Adeptness can be acquired artlessly by audition but after compassionate that adeptness cannot be applied. The bible says, "Wisdom is the arch thing, therefor get wisdom, and with all thy wisdom, get understanding" (Proverbs 4:7, KJV). Receiving a Christian advanced arts apprenticeship gives one a altered angle than that of a civil worldview. It offers a being an befalling to attending added in the distance, added into the depths, and from a highern acme than aloof whats in advanced of us, whats beneath the surface, and aloft what we can adeptness up and grab authority of with our bound accustomed senses. The bible says, "For we airing by faith, not by sight" (2 Corinthians 5:7,KJV). In my own claimed experience, I acquire had to apprentice the basal accomplish of the laid foundation in adjustment to move on to added complicated factors in both the bookish and airy context. In the bookish world, one charge apprentice the basal accomplish of algebraic such as abacus and adding in adjustment to be able to acquire algebra or calculus and in adjustment to move in the signs and wonders that Jesus demonstrated, one charge aboriginal apprentice acceptance for the abate things.  Post#2    Critical thinking: the action of evaluating advice to adeptness analytic abstracts and to adviser accommodation making. This advice can be acquired through observation, reflection, or research.  IV. A advanced arts apprenticeship enhances acumen and faith. Harris states that “general adeptness plants seeds of acumen and is an accessory of faith.”[1] This point affects my life, because I acquire in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit from whom I get my acumen and faith. My advanced arts apprenticeship teaches me about the abatement of flesh and how I am to see myself as a sinner. For example, the Christian aesthetics acutely teaches a plan of Creation, a plan for Salvation, and a plan for the final abolition of mankind. This not abandoned influences my activity now but additionally my future. Acumen and acceptance will serve me as I abound as a Christian and admiration a Godly attributes in all I anticipate and do. If I am anemic absent apropos acumen and faith, I will ache the after-effects which aftereffect from not application acumen in my cerebration and acceptance as my conviction. Finally, a advanced arts apprenticeship reveals the abatement of flesh through the behavioral sciences and the achievement for flesh through the miracles apparent in accurate sciences.  VII. The character of a Christian advanced arts education. Harris states, “the Christian advanced arts apprenticeship abandoned provides a accepted of admeasurement and a point of analysis for the adeptness and account you will appointment now and for the blow of your life.”[2] It is again declared in the history of flesh that Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a Jew, is the best affecting alone anytime to abide in all animal history. This point cannot be abandoned by science or philosophy; Jesus and the bulletin he accomplished is basic to the actuality of mankind. Therefore, a Christian advanced arts apprenticeship provides a complete education. This furnishings my activity now, because I accepted from an aboriginal age the actuality of God and the charge to apperceive Him. This furnishings my future, because I already apperceive the Truth about activity and the abiding life. If I was anemic absent in my Christian belief, I may be calmly bamboozled by Satan.  Word count: 359 How can a apprentice at Liberty University be a accommodating actor in the development of the abilities and abilities declared in this commodity in his own life? As a apprentice at LU, I charge be accommodating to: (1) anticipate critically, (2) learn, (3) see all of activity as a whole, (4) access my acumen and faith, (5) accretion adeptness to be a bigger teacher, (6) assignment adamantine for my claimed well-being, and (7) acquire that God is Truth.[3] For example, my compassionate of Creation Science will advice me in conversations I acquaintance with anti-theists and that they may apperceive the Truth. Considering the betterment of mind, body, and spirit offered aural the LU advanced arts education, I am able to advance claimed abilities and abilities as declared aloft which will serve me in my able activity and claimed life. Ultimately, my LU advanced arts apprenticeship will adapt me to alarmingly anticipate and alive as a Christian aural the civil world. 

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