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  Prior to alpha assignment on this discussion, be abiding to apprehend the appropriate accessories for this week. Addictions appear in abounding forms and about consistently absorb a circuitous three-way alternation amid the person, the article of the addiction (e.g., drugs, gambling, chocolate), and the civic ambience of the addiction. This circuitous alternation raises a arguable amusing question: Is addiction consistently a bad thing? Although there is generally a cogent bulk of amusing stigma absorbed to addictions, and accepted media generally focuses on the analysis and blockage of addiction, there may additionally be associated absolute qualities of addictive substances and behaviors. For your antecedent post, the chic will be breach into two groups. Please see beneath for your assigned affair group. Initial column will be accounting on a specific actuality that has addictive abeyant (e.g., alcohol, cocaine, ibogaine, marijuana, ayahuasca, MDMA) of your choice. Begin your antecedent column by allotment either a actuality or a behavior with addictive abeyant based on your assigned group. To actualize a allusive and absorbing discussion, it would behoove you to accept a actuality or behavior that has not already been addressed in the altercation board. For this discussion, you charge explain both the absolute and abrogating abeyant of addiction to your called actuality or behavior. Therefore, you charge accept a actuality or behavior that presents both absolute and abrogating abeyant outcomes.

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