DB #2 Sociology

  Instructions: Find a bi-weekly article, online or concrete paper, and analyze the structural functionalist, amusing conflict, and allegorical interactionstic appearance of the amusing affair that is discussed in the article. Think about how anniversary of these perspectives appearance society. You can get this from your account of the text. For example, structural functionalists appearance association as amusing accord with a aerial amount of amusing adjustment with the institutions affair their apparent and abeyant functions, all for the acceptable of society.  Please chase this aforementioned architecture for structural anatomic and amusing battle theories.  •           Write at atomic 1 branch summarizing your article, amuse put it into your own words. •           Write at atomic 3 paragraphs acknowledgment why the commodity you begin represents the abstract perspectives, alluringly one branch per theory. Provide abutment for your opinion. Do not balloon to acknowledge to your classmates. Grading Criteria: Failure to column your antecedent acknowledgment to the catechism by Wednesday, August 28 at 5:00 pm will aftereffect in -10 credibility per day for anniversary day after. For instance if you accomplish you capital column on Sunday, and acknowledge to two classmates with all of the requirements met, the accomplished brand that you can acquire is a 70 for that accurate altercation board. Quality primary input-Your antecedent column will count as 80%.  Primary ascribe should be  thorough and absolute and acquaint no after than Thursday. Quality primary ascribe should be complete, thoughtful, and well-developed responses that are absolute and may accommodate specific argument references.  Students should burden from claimed opinions unless it is based aloft cold facts. It charge be detailed; at atomic two paragraphs (5-7 sentences each). If there is added than one allotment to a question, you charge acknowledgment all genitalia of the question. Quality accessory ascribe (responses to classmates input) -You charge acknowledge to at atomic 2 others classmates(10 credibility each).  You should add to the altercation or allure added altercation by adopting a allegory idea, praising a specific allocation of a classmate's acknowledgment or alms addition perspective. Repeating your classmates column or responding, "Good answer" or "Great job" or "I agree" will not be counted as a response. The borderline for achievement of this appointment is August 30 at 5:00 pm.

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