DB 2 response 2 (75 words)

A way that the United States aggressive can be acclimated to abutment accord as able-bodied as anticipate battle involves nuclear weapons. Stiehm writes "One ambition is nonproliferation. The United States has decidedly focused on preventing Iran's accretion of such weapons. It has had to accomplish accord with India's and Pakistan's programs and to acquire the actuality that North Korea has a bound arsenal. However, there is a added goal. It involves acutely acid the cardinal of weapons captivated by nuclear powers, decidedly those in the arsenals of the United States and Russia." (2012). The act of nonproliferation is important to accumulate accord throughout the apple as able-bodied as helps anticipate battle because of the lower bulk of weapons advance throughout the world. The aegis of the United States aggressive accepting these weapons is additionally addition aspect of acknowledging accord as able-bodied because countries are beneath acceptable to go into a battle with a country that has these able weapons. An added way that the United States aggressive supports accord is through accord operations Stiehm writes that "Peace Operations are one affectionate of intervention. These accommodate peacekeeping, peacemaking, accord building, and accord enforcement. Classical peacekeeping had three principles: (1) actuality arrive by all parties to a conflict, (2) complete neutrality, and (3) no use of force except in self-defense." (2012). These operations are added anon complex in acknowledging accord throughout the apple as able-bodied as they can advance anon to preventing battle if the United States aggressive is there to boldness battle amid two alternative groups. The accomplishments are constant with the cardinal goals of the United States military's cardinal goals. According to Stiehm one of the cardinal goals is "to avert and defeat aggression. The U.S. nuclear armory is to be bargain but maintained, and a ballistic missile aegis adjoin bound attacks is to be advanced." (2012). All of the accomplishments involving nuclear weapons circumduct about this cardinal goal. An added ambition that Stiehm mentions is to "strengthen all-embracing and bounded security" (2012) this ambition anon goes duke in duke with peacekeeping operations to strengthen bounded security. These accomplishments are constant with the cardinal goals of the United States military. References Stiehm, J. H. (2012). The U.S. military: A basal introduction. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

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