DB 2

 Please use your own thoughts and do NOT acquire anyone's work.  All assignments will be ran through Safe Assign (plagiarism software for blackboard use)     Discussion Lath Evaluation Criteria  Original column charge be submitted every Saturday by 6:00 p.m. EST, again column 1 added column to your classmates over the abutting few days Discussion lath assignments are your opportunities to allotment your knowledge, acquaintance and opinions with the blow of the class.  Together with the appointment assignments, they additionally serve as a proxy for attendance. The items I am attractive for are Relevance to the topic, Promptness in the antecedent announcement and response, Clear announcement of opinions, Good spelling and grammar, Polite altercation as appropriate. Please use acceptable grammar and accomplish articular points. When accouterment a allegory viewpoint, focus on authoritative your point, not on deriding the alternative person's point. make 1 aboriginal column by you the apprentice and again posts 1 added allusive responses to alternative apprentice postings

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