Database Systems

NEED TO DO PART 2 ( PART 1 DONE)  The activity is about developing an bargain Web site. The capacity are as follows: BA is an online bargain Web site. Bodies can buy and advertise items in this Web site. Buyers are bodies who like to buy items, and sellers are bodies who like to advertise items. Each agent can advertise items. Each account has a behest alpha time, an end time, and an owner. Sellers are owners of their item. The alpha time and end time accommodate the date as well. Each agent has a name, acquaintance information, and acclaim agenda information. They additionally accept a user name and a password. Contact advice consists of an address, an email, and a telephone. An abode consists of a artery cardinal and name, city, state, and zip code. Credit agenda advice consists of client name, agenda number, and cessation date. Each account has a name, condition, an antecedent price, a description, quantity, one or added pictures, and an owner. The action could be New, Refurbished, or Explained. If the action of an account is set to Explained, the agent should explain about the account action in the account description. Each client has a name, acquaintance information, and acclaim agenda information. They additionally accept a user name and a password. When buyers login to Web site, they can go to the account of all accessible items and again go to the account detail page. Buyers can additionally chase for an item. The appliance will chase through account names for the chase phrase. Buyers can bid on items. Once a bid is made, buyers are answerable for their bid. In alternative words, buyers cannot artlessly abolish their bid. If they change their mind, all they can do is to amend their bid with the amount of zero. Of course, they can do that afore the bargain expires. After an bargain expires, the client with the accomplished bid is the winner. Part 2: Please address SQL Query for anniversary account below. • BA brand to accept a set of statistics about the arrangement as follows: The best alive agent (the one who has offered the best cardinal of items) The best alive client (the one who has bought the best cardinal of items) The best big-ticket account awash ever The best big-ticket account available The cheapest account awash ever The cheapest account available You charge to actualize tables, admit at atomic 3 annal for anniversary one, and again run the queries.

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