Database Security EXPERT

It should be logically organized and professionally done (no spelling errors, bright writing). The lab activity charge be submitted as ONE DOCUMENT in either WORD OR PDF FORMAT.  You ability accept to adapt the tables a bit, actualize a new table or add rows that can be acclimated to allegorize that your aegis works. If you don’t appetite to reclaim an old activity you accept the advantage of starting from blemish (from a bare area of paper).  The comments beneath awning aggregate I can anticipate of that could be in your project. There are options, e.g., if you can absolutely apparatus your aegis with roles, views, grants, procedures, and triggers you would not accept to accept any aegis labels or a VPD. If you apparatus your aegis with VPD you ability not charge any roles, views, or triggers. If  you implemented your aegis with the Oracle Aegis Labels you ability not charge any  VPD etc. Not every archetype I accord beneath applies to every project. The lab activity address should be as continued as it needs to be. I accept had letters from 20-30 pages to 160 pages. Long listings of big tables to not add value, but do aerate folio length! You apparently charge beneath than 10-15 rows in best of the tables. Archetype of aegis accomplishing should be targeted (an amend adjoin 1-3 rows not the accomplished table so that you again demonstrate It should accept sections such as  Introduction  Timeline  Conceptual & Analytic Data Model  Physical Design  Implementation  Security  Verification of Database Aegis Implementation  Introduction:  What is the activity about? (A pet store, a baby bend supermarket, a  doctor’s office, etc). What are the key users and what are their functions?  (A pet abundance has an owner, clerks, and maybe an appointment bassinet that does  the banking, payroll)  Timeline:  the analytic alternation of accomplish that charge be done and back they charge be done  and what order  Conceptual Model:  The anatomic roles of the assorted users and database and user  requirements, architecture assumptions, article types and relationships, ER  diagram(s), constraints/dependencies,  Logical Model:  Rules Acclimated to Map ER Diagram to Relations, ER-to-Relational Mapping,  Map of ERD to relations (tables), anatomic dependencies, normalized  relations (should all be 3NF or BCNF) Notional Data Elements for each  Table  Physical Model:  DDL to actualize basal relations (tables, indexes if any, non aegis related  triggers, procedures or functions). Aegis DDL/DML should be in the  security section  Implementation:  Insert statements into Tables, queries to appearance table populations (Select *)  – you should alone accept a baby cardinal of rows in anniversary table, abundant not  to be trivial, but no charge to accept added that one-five almanac of anniversary type  (one owner, 2-3 clerks, one appointment manager, three altered types of pet,  etc); examples of the best common queries for the business (e.g., what  pets do we accept in inventory, what is the cheapest or best big-ticket pet  (could account by price) what was the amount aftermost week, month, year)  Security:  The best important section: What is your aegis plan? What are your  security behavior that abutment that plan? What aegis procedures will  support the plan and policies? What is your aegis model? And the  security accomplishing (users created with passwords, roles created,  privileges granted, angle created for aegis reasons, aegis triggers,  procedures, functions, labels, etc). Evidence of the accomplishing (scripts that appearance the DDL to actualize the users, admission the privileges, etc and the results (able created, grants affected, etc). Evidence that the aegis works  as it is declared to (users can do what they are declared to be able and  can not do things that they are banned from accomplishing or that they are not explicitly declared to do  References: If any Attached is alone an example

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