Database pt 1

 The Session Long Activity (SLP) spans from  Module 1 to Module 4. You are to body on what you accept able in  previous modules based on the acquirements materials. That is, the Module 2  SLP is congenital on the Module 1 SLP assignment, and the Module 3 SLP is  built on the Module 2 assignment, etc. Please chase the instructions  below closely: Problem Definition  A used-book abundance has been in business for over a month. The owners  have been so active that they accept not had time to architecture and apparatus a  computer-based arrangement to clue their operation. They would like to body  a database arrangement to advice the business. You are assassin to design, program, and apparatus a database to advice  this bookstore. You will assignment on this activity from Module 1 through  Module 4. By Module 4, the database you advance will be able to accommodate  the afterward information: Agent advice (e.g., agent name, address, buzz number, hiring date, salary, etc.). Advice about the books and CDs in the bookstore (e.g., title, author, price, etc.). Sales of CDs and books, searchable by date Current account cachet of books and CDs Any alternative achievement you anticipate appropriate Please agenda that aloft is the final achievement of the arrangement you are about to architecture by the end of Module 4. This is the accordant abstracts for the aboriginal ages of operation. The  owners accept adored the advice in an Excel file. You ability appetite to  take the abstracts into application back you architecture the database. Your assignment is to: Discuss the kinds of abstracts bare for such a arrangement (attributes), and the abstracts types of these attributes. Actualize a voiceover PowerPoint presentation to explain how you would  design the database system, absorption on the tables you will actualize in  this database, the attributes of anniversary table, and the primary keys of  each table to abode the requirements of the abundance owners. Do not anguish  about not accepting it appropriate the aboriginal time. You will be able to advance  your architecture over the abutting few modules afterwards you apprentice new DB concepts  and principles.

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