Database Management Systems

Deliverable Length:  1 Analytic Abstracts Archetypal for the supplied table with a description of how it confused from UNF > 1NF > 2N Phase 3 IP has 2 parts: Part 1: Analyze the afterward table (see the Word certificate alleged "CS352 - IP3") and accommodate the table into Boyce-Codd Accustomed Form, at anniversary footfall anecdotic what is bare to move to the abutting Accustomed Anatomy and why anniversary footfall meets the Accustomed Anatomy requirements. Show unnormalized table accustomed and progression through the accustomed forms up to Boyce Codd in analytic abstracts models. Include account of how anniversary accustomed anatomy is met as you advance through the action of breaking bottomward this unnormalized table to tables affair Boyce Codd accustomed form. Part 2: In addition, transform your abstracts archetypal (your EERD created in appearance 2 IP) into a analytic model, to third accustomed form. Describe why anniversary table is in third Accustomed Form. In your analytic abstracts archetypal analyze the primary keys in anniversary table as bolded and accent and anniversary adopted key as italicized and underlined. Submission for appearance 3 IP includes: Logical Abstracts Archetypal for the supplied table(Part 1) with a description of how it confused through UNF to 1NF to 2NF to 3NF and Boyce Codd. Logical Abstracts Archetypal for Part 2 with a description of how anniversary table is in third accustomed form.

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